Wisers Small Batch Whisky
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Wisers Small Batch Whisky


In the late-1800s, John Philip Wiser, or J.P. as he was fondly known, set out in Canada at a deliberate and steady pace to build a company that was known for its quality, craftsmanship, and premium products. So began a long tradition of Canadian whisky making. J.P. Wiser's ambition was simple - to produce the highest quality whisky that pleased the eye, nose, and tongue. Using only superior ingredients, he aged his whisky to distinction in premium white oak barrels - and over 150 years later, J.P. Wiser's whisky is still made using traditional recipes to ensure that the final product lives up to the standards set out by J.P. Wiser many generations ago.

  • Nose

    Dusty rye, redolent with cloves and clove oil, and rich in vanilla, hangs heavy deep in your nostrils, while cinnamon tickles away at the edges. This, one of the spiciest Wiser’s noses ever, is rich in fully developed, integrated spices reminiscent of dark-rum-laden Christmas cake. Notes of fresh-cut wood, cedar oil, and furniture polish accent the spiciness. Heavy black fruits, sweet fresh red fruit, and candied dried fruit meld with the generic fruitiness of rye. The rye returns in the middle with its earthiness and a not-too-common flintiness. Imagine, flinty rye in such a robust nose. Butterscotch and hints of burnt sugar finally succeed in pushing their way through the sweetness of the vanilla.

  • Plate

    What starts a bit creamy with burnt sugar and fresh concentrated vanilla quickly becomes very rich, oily and spicy until it coats your mouth with syrupy spices and fruit. Cloves dominate without overwhelming the heaps of burning hot pepper and hot cinnamon, which, in turn, are complemented by toffee sweetness and balanced against a refreshing bitter zest. The sweet, ever-present baking spices and clove oil really deliver a wallop. But even more complexity comes quickly with a rich oakiness, complete with sawdust, green wood, cedar and fresh cedar leaves, followed by wood smoke. Earthy rye returns along with freshwater plants and really crisp flintiness.

  • Finish

    Long, hot, and very spicy, returning always to cloves and hot pepper. A gentle sweetness and slight fruitiness fade into a simple citric zestiness with just a touch of pith.



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