Whistlepig Rye 10 Year Old
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Whistlepig Rye 10 Year Old


WhistlePig is a Vermont based brand of straight rye whiskey which is matured at Alberta distilleries and later shipped to Vermont. Though being relatively new in the whiskey world, it has become a well-known brand WhistlePig released their first expression in 2015 and have since released many acclaimed Rye whiskeys.

WhistlePig Rye 10-Year-old is known to be complex yet delicate rye whiskey, which was released in 2015 and is a blend of whiskeys aged in American virgin oak barrels.

History of WhistlePig Rye Whiskey

A relatively new entrant in the world of whiskeys, WhistlePig has achieved tremendous growth in the last 13 years. A group of rye enthusiasts led by its founder and CEO Raj Peter Bhakta purchased a dairy farm in 2007 in Vermont and named it a WhistlePig farm. With a desire to bring the rye whiskey at the forefront, they came together with Master distiller Dave Pickerell to create rye whiskeys. Initially, they purchased 10-year-old matured whiskey stock from a Canadian distillery and then started their business by further maturing and aging at their Vermont distillery.

Making process of WhistlePig Rye 10 Year Old Whiskey

The Rye used to distill the WhistlePig Rye 10 Year Old is grown in Canada itself. During maturation, the colder Canadian weather gives it a unique finish and taste. It's rare as it is made from 100% rye, finished in ex-Bourbon barrels, which gives it a raw taste of grain. WhistlePig Rye 10 Year Old is made with a two-barrel aging process. The first step is a 10 year aging of the rye whiskey, which is done in new American virgin oak barrels followed by further maturation in Bourbon barrels.

The aging process in two different barrels gives it a unique undertone and spice. Currently, the WhistlePig maintains its own distillery where rye is grown, and hand bottling is done. The distillery has a copper pot that was designed by Dave Pickerell and is functional since 2015.

Alcohol Content in WhistlePig Rye 10 Year Old Whiskey

WhistlePig Rye 10 Year Old contains an alcohol strength of 50% ABV, quite higher than the standard permissible limit for straight Bourbon and Rye whiskeys in the United States of America


Winner of Gold at the Wizards of Whisky Awards in the Other Grain Whisky in 2015.

The Old Smuggler blend has not won any major medals or awards at whisky tasting competitions.

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Whistlepig Rye 10 Year Old Tasting Notes


Smells of vibrant fruits like tangerine, and papaya. It is followed by hints of honey and peppermint.


Quite fruity followed by wood peppermint.


Fruity, characterized by orange and pineapple with a bit of vanilla. A slight taste of alcohol, with a gentle wood poke and peppermint. Fruity sweetness but not very sweet.


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