World's Top 5 Whisky Shows

The concept of shows for promotional purposes are old. Brands design their products, be it clothing, accessories, even automobiles and organize shows to either launch them or advertise them. But having a whisky show, or for that matter any liquor show, is rather new. In fact it is very hard to come up with an exact year when the first whisky show was organized. Apart from this, it gets really confusing since a lot of cities have their own annual whisky festival, or any other liquor festival and while the concept of a festival and a show are dissimilar in nature, when it comes to liquor, it appears to be the same.

A typical whisky festival hosts several distilleries, liquor companies, bottling companies to showcase brands and new craft liquor to whisky connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and regular whisky columnists. Similarly, if there is a new whisky book to be released, several authors find a festival to be the ideal occasion to launch it. Basically, it becomes a hub of whisky loving people who are willing to explore old, new, rare, and unusual drams, learn about pairings, meet other whisky enthusiasts, and are open to all things new in the industry.

Whisky shows are not any different. Be it a fair on-board a cruise or a Speyside celebration, they provide the opportunity to traders and consumers alike to indulge and explore the exciting world of whisky. While there are way too many whisky shows and festivals that are organized across geographies, if you are a true whisky enthusiast, you have to attend the top ten whisky shows that we have listed for you below.

Whisky Live

Probably the world’s most successful and far-reaching show, spanning across continents, it is also popularly known as the “international celebration of whisky.” The show encourages people to gain knowledge about whisky while entertaining them at the same time. It is primarily a sampling and tasting event and is one of the earliest whisky show in the world.

Spirit of Speyside

Another existing old whisky show, beginning in 1999, Spirit of Speyside runs from the 1st to the 5th of May every year. The show witnesses over 300 events and thousands of people who are interested not just in sampling some of the phenomenal whiskies of Speyside but also go on distillery tours to understand the art of whisky making.

TWE Whisky Show

The Whisky Exchange’s Whisky Show which takes place every year is the largest liquor show in the UK, and draws exhibitors and whisky lovers from around the world.

However, TWE Whisky Show comes with a limited number of all-inclusive tickets. The all-inclusive tickets is basically what can help you enjoy those select drams, excellent food, and interact personally with master blenders from different distilleries.

Whiskyfest US

Whiskyfest US is the longest running liquor show in the States, with the unique thing being that it travels to three different cities—Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. So, it’s more like a fair which hosts over 300 brands. From single malts to Japanese whisky, Tennessee to Canadian, Bourbon to craft distilled whiskies, this fest is a paradise to all whisky lovers.

The longest-running whisky show in the US, Whiskyfest gives visitors the opportunity to taste over 300 drams from across the world.

Viking Line Whisky Fair

Whisky enthusiasts who also have a penchant for the high seas must surely buy tickets to the Viking Line Whisky Show. This is a whisky festival takes place on board a luxury cruise ship—the Viking Cinderella, which sails all the way from Stockholm, Sweden to Mariehamn, Finland. The whisky show takes place over a period of 24 hours, during which guests have the opportunity to taste over 550 brands. Apart from liquor companies, high end brands of chocolate, luxury cigar brands, and Champagne also showcase their products. The best part about Viking Line Whisky Fair? You can always buy whisky at a tax free price.