World Whisky Markets

What type of whisky is the world drinking?

The world’s thirst for whisky is higher than ever, and whisky sales are bursting at the seams. Expected to achieve an all-time high of whisky sales in the next couple of years, the industry is projected to be selling merchandize worth £2.4Bn in the next three years.

India is at the forefront of this whisky guzzling revolution, and even as far as 2017, we were consuming nearly 48% of all whisky produced in the world. What is more amusing is that India is also the largest producer of whisky in the world, outnumbering the Scottish, the Irish and the Americans.

It is these kind of astonishing statistics that can leave us all befuddled, wondering how whisky is being embraced by people from all over the world, and especially back in India?

Check out what kind of whisky are people all over the world drinking, and more interesting statistics from the whisky industry below!

Scotch whisky is still king

The undisputed king among whiskies worldwide by value was Scotch whisky once again. Although IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) brands outsell any other by volume, Scotch whisky retains its crown by exporting spirit worth over £4Bn annually.

Glenlivet 12

Scotch whisky brands such as The Glenlivet Whisky are extremely popular in India as high-end premium drinks for special occasions and are synonymous with luxury and grandeur.

India features prominently on the list of countries that share a fascination with Scotch whisky, clocking in at a whopping £139Mn worth of market value for Scotch whisky, consuming over £113Mn bottles in a year.

Another interesting observation from the above infographic is India’s massive 34.1% growth that allowed it to leapfrog over Mexico and Latvia, two strong markets for Scotch whisky in the Latin American, and European markets respectively.

Whisky Markets

Among the highest Scotch whisky drinking markets, America, France and Singapore are the top three Scotch whisky drinking nations of the world.

Blended Scotch whiskies continue to reign supreme over the Scotch whisky industry outselling Single Malts by as much as 3:1. The Blended Scotch market is worth £3.04Bn as compared to the £1.30Bn but is growing far reassuringly at an 11.03% rate as compared to the 5.8% growth rate for Blended Scotch whisky.

Irish whiskey is a rising Phoenix

It was during the 1800s that the Irish dominated the worldwide whiskey sales, having perfected the art of distillation even before the Scots. After a spate of unfortunate events and tragedies such as the Great Depression, Prohibition, and the Irish struggle for independence, Irish whiskey wasn’t the same.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Whiskey has been key to the Irish whiskey revival around the world as it is a particular favourite with the bartender and mixologist community worldwide for its uniquely adaptable nature.

Today, Irish whiskey is undergoing a resurgence fuelled by the whisky world’s curiosity and the younger generation’s thirst for whisky that allows them to create magical drinks. Although eclipsed by the magnitude of Scotch whisky, it is worth noting that the expected snowballing of Irish whiskey sales in the next three years shall be massive. A projected growth of 21% worth £163.9Mn will breathe a new life into the Irish whiskey industry

The Americans want it all

Not only is America at the centre of an unprecedented high consumption of whiskey, they are making more whiskey than most regions of the world. This includes Bourbon, Rye and Tennessee whiskey, making America one of the most diverse whisky producing countries globally.

Rabbit Hole Bourbon

The newest on the block, Rabbit Hole Cavehill is a bold new Bourbon that has begun to redefine the way people think about American whiskey, and Bourbon in particular.

A number of new emerging players in the American whiskey market such as the critically acclaimed, serial gold-medallist Rabbit Hole Bourbon are presenting fresh, new avenues for American distillers.

Jack Daniel’s Old No 7

Commercially, there are few brands that match up with the magnitude of Jack Daniel’s yet drinkers are more open to new experiences today than ever before.

Piggybacking on the popularity of brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam among other new bigger players, American whiskey is producing nearly 37 Mn cases of whiskey annually

India and Whisky

The Indian populace is extremely fond of whisky as compared to any other spirit based drink. Whisky consumption in India outnumbers any other spirits and the sheer diversity of the country gives enough space for all types of whisky brands to co-exist.

Blender’s Pride

Whether it’s Indian Made Foreign Liquor, the bedrock of the Indian whisky industry, the emerging premium Indian whisky segment, or the luxury segment that includes imported whisky such as Scotch whisky, Bourbon, Irish and other whisky brands, India has an appetite for it all.

Scotch whisky sales in India make up only a small portion with just 3.7Mn cases of sales in 2018, of which, 100 Pipers was the best performing brand. 100 Pipers became the first Scotch whisky brand to exceed sales of 1Mn cases in India annually. This is an exciting time for the Scotch whisky industry as India represents a virtually limitless market for potential growth and dividend as the Indian whisky drinker continues to seek experiences and move towards more premium brands.

100 Pipers Whisky

Whisky belonging to the IMFL category includes brands such as Imperial Blue, Royal Stag, Blenders Pride, Officer’s Choice and McDowell’s No.1. These brands are Indian blends, which has no legal definition in India. Most whisky brands blend imported Scotch whisky with grain whiskies such as Royal Stag and Blenders Pride Reserve Collection. Some brands effectively lower costs by adding neutral-molasses-based spirits too.

A smaller, yet significant new emerging market is occupied by premium Indian whisky brands such as Amrut Distilleries, who created Amrut Single Malt, the first ever Indian single malt whisky; John Distilleries who followed suit with the Paul John brand of single malts and Rampur Single Malt from Rampur Distilleries.

These are the incredibly fascinating observations and patterns of whisky consumption in India and across the world. Not only do things look interesting but also promise to spoil the drinker with choice and quality in the near future.