World's Most Prestigious Spirit Competitions and Awards

As you may already know, there are several top whiskey brands in India, and throughout the rest of the world. A spirit competition is a contest held between the various makers, distillers, vintners, and brewing masters who compete with one another to prove the quality of their product to the world.

If you like to follow the various trends in the whiskey industry, you might have heard about the World Beverage Competition, which is only one of the many prestigious spirit competitions held throughout the globe.

These competitions and awards help you know about some of the best whiskey brands that have proven their credibility over a larger platform. Let’s have a look at some of the most prestigious spirit competitions and awards held across the globe:

Bartender Spirits Awards

This award ceremony aims to recognize, promote, and encourage the various excellences in the drinks industry of the United States. It also provides honest and independent reviews for the brands competing in this awards event.

Talking about the judges, the panel constitutes experts from some of the most renowned names in the whiskey industry of the United States, each with their excellent expertise in their respective industries. The result can be used as a reference source by bar managers and bartenders.

Ultimate Beverage Challenge

This competition is considered as a mission that helps in creating new and better industry in the evaluation standards of spirits. It offers meaningful, accurate, and useful results that honestly promote and recognize the quality of some of the top alcohol products.

The integrity of their approach and people lies in the innovative methodology that they use. Furthermore, every product is properly reviewed under their optimal conditions of tasting over a specified period that helps the product deliver its best taste.

International Spirits Challenge

The International Spirits Challenge is one of the most respected and authoritative spirits competitions in the world that has an influential effect on numerous drinkers all around the world. It aims to acknowledge some of the top whiskey brands in India and across the world.

It receives more than 1,300 entries from more than seventy countries all across the globe, and that’s what makes it extremely competitive. If you’re looking for some of the most prominent drinks available, you can surely count on the results of this competition.

Monde Selection

The Monde Selection is an award event for drinks, food and cosmetic products. It is operated by the International Institute for Quality Selections. In Monde Selection, the products are tested and tasted to receive a quality label.

International Spirits Challenge

The International Spirits Challenge is one of the most prestigious events that celebrate unparalleled spirits from across the globe. This challenge offers various trophies and medals to some of the most amazing spirits ever existed.


With spirits competitions and awards, you can easily determine which whiskey brands are offering the most lavishing taste and experience. Therefore, make sure you have a look at the competitions and awards stated above.