Wine Etiquette 101: Rules for Hosting your Next Soirée

A great wine needs more attention than you might believe. When you are hosting a cozy soirée or dinner party, it’s not as simple as picking a signature vino and letting it flow through the course of the evening. There are certain dos and don’ts which you must know. Hence, we bring the wine etiquette rules that will make you the host who knows the most.

Keep stocks ready

Running out of stock is the one thing every good host wishes to avoid, along with the wistful shrugs after tipping the last bottle. So, keep a generous stock of wines you plan to serve, and when the budget is a concern, make sure you choose wisely as well.

Offer a range

Instead of keeping a boilerplate selection of white and red wines, try to make the evening exciting for your guests. An assortment of wines will expand your guests’ palate and allow them to experiment with a smattering of renditions.

Pick the right glasses

The right glass can enhance the taste of the most ordinary of wines. So, pick quality stemware for serving the wines without any design or cuts. A wine glass with a well-crafted, steady base, a flowing stem and a broad base bowl with narrow rims works wonders. Moreover, simple but aesthetic wine glasses tend to age well and do not lose the sense of style over time.

Serve the right spread

Wines are complicated, some more than others, and need special attention when it comes to accompaniments. Some foods can enhance a wine’s taste and elevate your drinking experience. So, once you have chosen the wines to serve, shore up your research skills to prep the right spread for the evening.

Limit the wine talk

Since it’s a soirée for wine lovers, we always expect some amusing anecdotes about the bottles and wines in general. However, the conversation may get tedious for people who are not as invested in the subject. So, know when to stop, to keep your audience engaged and charmed by the wine and victuals.

Question of “the guest bottle”

Wine parties often involve the arrival of “guest bottles” along with your guests, probably because it’s the safest bet for a gift. However, not every bottle is gifted with the assumption that it will be uncorked at the party. Some guests might be recycling wine bottles they don’t want for themselves. In contrast, others might have thoughtfully selected the bottle and would appreciate you for sharing it around. So, there’s no proper way to navigate this dilemma apart from politely asking the guest if they would like the bottle to be opened or be saved for later.

In conclusion, you will need everything – the wine, the food, and the conversation – set to near perfection for making the soirée a success. After all, it’s called wine and dine for a reason.