Whytehall Whisky: Story of this popular Indian spirit

Whytehall Whisky: Story of this popular Indian spirit

India is a land of whisky-lovers. It is also a country where you will find all kinds of whiskies, ranging from highly premium scotch to medium segment to affordable range. There is no shortage of Indian and international brands in each of the groups. One of India's most popular drinks, whisky, is best enjoyed on the rocks or with water/soda. The beverage's popularity has given rise to several homegrown and new blends in the country.

Today, some of these brands rank among the top 13 top-selling whisky brands worldwide. Whytehall whisky is one such brand that is gaining immense popularity. Let us take a look at the history, some facts, and specialities of Whytehall whisky.

History of Whytehall Whisky

Dr Lalit Khaitan owned the Rampur Distillery, which is now known as Radico Khaitan. It commenced its operation in 1943 and is amongst the oldest and largest manufacturers of IMFL in India. Radico Khaitan has been a pathfinder in this industry, with Rampur Whisky, 8 PM Whisky, Contessa Rum, Old Admiral Brandy and Magic Moments Vodka in its brand portfolio.

In the year 2004, Radico Khaitan purchased controlling stakes of Whytehall Whisky from Bacardi Limited.

Whytehall Whisky combines the finest scotch malts and Indian spirits to ensure a smooth, rich whisky with a graceful aftertaste. With its intense, crisp character and unmistakable classic style, it puts you in a class of its own. It's the perfect gift for those special moments that become part of our lives. It’s not just the taste, but the price bracket that Radico Khaitan has made available to Indian consumers is something that makes Whytehall whisky price very attractive!

Tasting Notes of Whytehall Whisky

  • Colour: Golden
  • Nose: Woody, sweet, vanilla, light spice aroma.
  • Tongue: Rich, warm, full-bodied whisky mouth feel is filled with Peach, Banana and Pineapple and a graceful after note that lingers.

Discover the best of both worlds by starting your journey with a volcanic mystery and icy mountain sweetness. You'll enjoy the combination of hot, aromatic cinnamon blended with premium grain and malt whiskies. You're taken on a journey characterised by pleasantly hot, sweet flavours that linger on your palate.


One, amongst the popular Indian affordable whisky brands, Whytehall whisky is truly a distinguished pathfinder. With an already brimming market of budget spirits, it has created a good place in the hearts of its consumers.

This blend of aged scotch malts and premium grain whiskies certainly has classic a style. The rich, full-bodied character of Whytehall whisky pairs very well with the Indian palate and meals.

This is a classic whisky and can fit your pocket well. The Whytehall whisky price in India makes it a popular choice amongst mid-budgeted whisky-lovers. Call for a party or any other occasion, and this liquor will never upset you.