Whisky-themed Valentine’s Day Gifts

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

                                                                   – Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. The usual candle-lit dinners, movie dates and chocolates may seem a bit of a drag if you’re planning a surprise for your beloved. This doesn’t have to imply that there’s nothing new you can do for your sweetheart. After all, love always finds a way. Here’s a carefully curated list of whisky gifts which can be the perfect blend of your love and your partner’s love for that golden spirit called whisky. So consider some great gifting ideas and take your pick!


Customised Whisky Stones, for him & for her

Whisky stones have been quite a rage among global whisky purists for a while now. They don’t dilute the drink unlike traditional ice cubes, and keep the drink just as cold as you prefer. This 14th February, opt for customised whisky stones engraved with either quotes or initials of your beloved, and surprise your valentine.

Whisky Tasting Aroma Kit, for the whisky aficionado

A beautifully carved wooden box with small vials of an assortment of whiskies across the world— that’s what aroma kits are all about. A relatively new entrant in the whisky paraphernalia market, these kits are for true-blue whisky connoisseurs. If your partner loves his whisky, gifting him a whisky aroma sampler may make him fall in love with you all over again!

Handmade Whisky Dispenser, for the one who loves throwing parties

Make life easy for your lover by gifting him or her a gorgeous carved whisky dispenser. If your boy or girl loves throwing parties, this is an ideal gift choice for him/her. There are a variety of options available in the global market for you to pick and choose. You can go for authentic wooden dispensers, mini whisky barrel-style dispensers or some heavy duty, embossed glass dispensers. The choice is yours, but be assured that your lover will be delighted this year once he/she unwraps his/her present.

Whisky Decanter Set, for a hint of sophistication

They don’t call whisky the drink of the gods for nothing. This amber coloured spirit exudes elegance and charm. So this 14th February, why not gift your Valentine a beautiful whisky decanter set? Usually, the set comes with one decanter and two glasses, beautifully etched in classic designs. You can customise the designs to add that personal touch to your gift. The best part? This set can occupy a proud place in your home bar shelf and can be exclusively used by the two of you for candle light dinners, or any such special occasion.

Whisky Bottle Shaped Coasters, for adding funk

Now for the fun part, if you and your partner like throwing house parties you’ll definitely love this idea. If your partner has a bit of Monica Geller in her, chances are that she’d scrounge for coasters. Did you know that now you can buy whisky bottle and barrel shaped coasters with funky quotes written across them online? These coasters make for a very quirky gifting option and are very handy. You can buy them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours too! If you’re considering out-of-the-box gifting ideas, try whisky coasters this year. It’s sure to win your girlfriend’s (or wife’s) heart!

That said, there’s no gift better than heartfelt affections. So, this Valentine’s Day, make time for your loved one and give them the best gift you can-- your company. With that, here’s hoping you celebrate many days of love in the year to come. Cheers!