Whisky Talk: World’s Best Whisky Bars

Whisky bars around the world are as diverse as their offerings. While some offer rare spirits and cocktails, others are known for their ambience and sensational food pairings.

No matter, wherever you are- chances are you’ll find at least one of these havens in every major city. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of best whisky bars from around the world that are worth a visit.

Happy hunting!

The Pot Still, Glasgow

The Scots are famous for their ingenious contribution to mankind: Scotch whisky. No wonder, the country brims with some of the finest whisky bars of the world! And, if you’ve got to select the best among the lot, then Glasgow-based ‘The Pot Still’ will undoubtedly be the right pick. Donning a conventional city pub appearance with old wooden benches and a rich local clientele, this bar lets its visitants go back in time while sipping a dram.

Need a more convincing proposition? Well, this bar stocks an inventory of more than 300 malt whiskies, serving as a mecca for whisky aficionados from all around the world.

Baxter Inn, Sydney

If you’re an avid knowledge seeker and if you feel that whiskey tasting too can be a great learning experience, then this is ‘THE whisky joint’ for you. The bar menu hosts almost 150 unique whiskies, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The fun part – Baxter Inn has a hidden dunnage cellar where you can go for a round of tasting. Needless to say, you’ll walk through some of finest whisky expressions of the world.

Bar High Five, Tokyo

The Japanese have a fervour for doing things differently, and Tokyo-based Bar High Five speaks volumes about it. This bar doesn’t provide an official menu card to its customers. Instead, the bar staff probes into your personal tastes and preferences to figure out what suits you best.

This bar is known to be a big fan of Johnnie Walker. So, do order a dram once you’re here and wait for the big surprise. The bar staff will celebrate the occasion by carving out ice diamonds personally for your glass of whiskey. Innately oriental! Isn’t it?

Lidkoeb, Copenhagen

Quietly nestled in an isolated suburb of the Vesterbro district in Copenhagen, Lidkoeb is slightly difficult to locate, but it’s definitely worth the effort. This bar sets the perfect example when it comes to justifying the significance of ambience in enjoying a dram to the fullest.

Lidkoeb originally specialized in cocktails, however, later on it extended and evolved into what people refer to as a whisky lover’s paradise – a lavish lofted bar with open fireplace, comfortable leather couches to snug in and amber-lit shelves teeming with whisky.

Whiskycafe L&B, Amsterdam

It’s evident that this one is the top-drawer for the list. And, why wouldn’t it be? Whiskycafe L&B hosts almost 1400 of the finest whiskies from all around the world!

Thankfully, the bar staff are humble enough to take you through the entire list. Just be clear with your preferences in flavour, and the staff will be quick to suggest something that perfectly suits your palate. The food options here are also excellent, so order some warm bread smeared with butter or smoked sausages to make for a tasty pairing.

Jack Rose Dining Saloon, Washington D.C

Jack Rose currently stocks an astonishing 2390 whiskies which the largest selection of individual whiskey selection in the entire western hemisphere. The bar space is not cramped in its size either, sprawling across an area of 6700 sq.ft. The tables that enjoy the most attention are the ones that are located in the basement. Guests reserve these tables for a two-hour long whisky-based cocktail experience which is divided into tasting and learning.

P.S: The bar also serves drams on draft based on a theme that keeps changing every week. For e.g. only bourbon or Japanese whiskey from a particular distillery. Exotic indeed!