The Whisky Show London

As you sail down the river from London Bridge, past St. Magnus House and Northern & Shell Building, you’ll come across a relatively quiet stretch of water overlooked by an old-fangled Victorian building named the Old Billingsgate. Built in 1875, the structure originally served as the main fish depot for the metropolis where fishing boats and ‘smacks’ from the North Sea would sail up the Thames with their fresh catch.

It’s hard to believe that this place which was once a dirty and crowded Watergate infiltrated with fishy odour, today reigns as a state-of-the-art event space. In fact, it is now all set to host the famous ‘Whisky Show’ which returns to the venue with its tenth edition on 29th of September, 2018.

A flamboyant whisky carnival presented by the Whiskey Exchange, the Whisky Show brings together some of the most prolific whisky expressions of the world, along with some generous food offering. So, whether you’re a seasoned expert or just an amateur who’s in search of some good whisky and like-minded company, this festival will definitely hook you up for an experience worth remembering .In fact, it may very well be an opportunity for you to sink yourself in the true spirit of camaraderie which seamlessly binds hundreds of distillers, guests, legendary figures and other people alike.  

Wooing whisky in style

This year, the festival is donning an intriguing theme: The Future of Whisky. If that’s not enough to tickle your interests then do consider the fact the festival provides each of its visitors with a free ‘Dream Dram’ token which can be redeemed against an outstanding range of rare whiskies offered by exclusive exhibitors.

Now, this is just the appetizer and there’s a lot more you can indulge in if you’re up for the treat. The Whisky Show attracts some of the top-notch distillers from all corners of the world. Each exhibitor stand serves as an aspirational and educational playground for anyone who is new to whisky. If you wish to explore new expressions of whisky, simply visit a kiosk and ask for a dram. Stay assured that you’ll definitely get what you’ve wished for. While at the festival, you can also attend masterclasses with some of the most renowned whisky experts. Who knows, that way you can even land up with some exceptional ‘under the counter’ drams that are worth tasting.

To add extra spice to your bacchanalian desires, you can also consider trying a two-course whisky paired meal that packs in Scottish and other European delicacies. And, if it’s the succulent appetizers that rank high up on your list of favourites, then don’t worry, the Whisky Show has got that covered as well.

With a relaxed atmosphere that’s visibly different from the hustle and bustle of a crammed whisky fair, the Whisky Show provides an opportunity to revisit and taste vintage drams and select expressions along with comparatively newer releases. It presents whisky lovers with a reason to unite and revel in quality whisky together.

It is this social aspect that works as a critical link – a binding agent for the commercial framework of such a grand event. Fostering an interactive environment, the festival tries to build a healthy tryst between whisky and its devotees in times when it is often easy to be somewhat dismayed with certain aspects of whisky. The fact that keeps the Whisky Show way ahead of other similar tasting events is its proclivity to serve towards enhancing awareness, curb social cynicism and widen our collective mindsets. Perhaps this is the reason why it has been such a huge success over the years and promises to be even bigger and better this year.