Whisky on the Rocks: Yes, or No?

The one and only James Bond often breaks his routine and drinks whiskey on the rocks, instead of his customary ‘martini-shaken not stirred.’007 is often seen indulging in a hearty pour of Talisker and Jack Daniels,on the rocks. Sean Connery, whose persona is associated with the British Secret Agent, brought Ian Fleming’s protagonist from reel to real when he promoted Jim Beam, with the catchphrase “The taste is distinctive, the man is Sean Connery, and the bourbon is Jim Beam.”

Whiskey on the rocks is a straight pour of whiskey served over ice. Now, there isn’t a perfect guide to drinking whiskey, although connoisseurs would prefer you drink it neat. Thing is, if you prefer your drink with ice, no pundit, self-proclaimed or otherwise, should stop you from having it your way.

Take cue from Bond, or rock and roll, if you will, and have your drink on the rocks. The larger the chunks, the longer it takes for the ice to melt. Your drink is chilled to your preference, but there’s more that happens to it when drinking whisky on the rocks. Adding smaller chunks of ice dilutes your whiskey, to the point where it loses its natural complexity and flavor. So, when drinking whisky on the rocks, add larger chunks of ice, and make sure to use freshly frozen cubes. Who’d want that fishy smell of the freezer to spoil their drink? Surely not you.

But what if you like your whiskey chilled, and neat? Whiskey stones, made of soapstone or stainless steel is your answer. You can have your whiskey on the rocks and save your drink from dilution at the same time. Whiskey stones can be reused- just clean up well and refreeze them.