“Whisky is liquid sunshine,” said George Bernard Shaw. To someone on the peripheries of the whisky universe, the quote and the thought may seem silly. But for whisky lovers, it has an almost poetic depth. If you, too, are an avid whisky aficionado, today’s post is for you!

To love is to explore, which aptly applies to those venturing into the mysterious world of liquid sunshine. This curiosity is integral to finding rare expressions you can collect and savor. Also, the more you learn about the variety and methods that go into making the perfect whisky, the more you will appreciate the art and science it takes.

But such an endeavor may seem overwhelming for someone just starting their love affair with rare and collectible drams. After all, the internet is home to an array of information on whiskies old and new. Yet, it benefits to learn about the subject from more credible sources, especially when you are investing time and money.

The best sources to learn about whisky and its many nuances are genre-specific magazines and yearbooks. Not only do these offer the best guidelines from established sources, but they also make for an enjoyable reading experience.

So, today we are sharing the top whisky magazines and yearbooks every collector worth their salt should subscribe to.

Whisky Advocate

This magazine is a must-read for any whisky lover. To be classified as the best-selling spirits publication in the USA, one must be good. The Whisky Advocate is a magazine that has earned this honor by delivering high-quality, well-researched snippets, product releases and breaking news - all revolving around whisky. The sheer passion and enthusiasm of its ardent followers can be witnessed during their annual grand event – Whisky Fest.

 The Malt Whisky Yearbook

This is one for the ages. The Malt Whisky Yearbook is a reservoir of knowledge on all things whisky. The yearbook is a global favorite among whisky enthusiasts offering a thorough summary of every year's best whiskies.Apart from that, readers get insights from whisky experts and master blenders who curate exclusive articles for the magazine. We would categorize this as essential reading for whisky lovers and novice readers alike.

Whisky Magazine

Popularly known as “the whisky mag” on the internet, the publication embodies a true passion for the drink. Started by whisky enthusiasts in 1999, the Whisky Magazine has become a veritable treasure trove of information for enthusiasts. Such is their reach that the magazine is now translated into several languages. Having originated in Wales, Whisky Magazine includes elaborate information on English and Japanese whiskies, among others.

Whisky Passion

The name is a giveaway, right? If you are planning a road trip, don’t miss this one. Whisky Passion stands apart from all the other magazines because it focuses on continental whisky routes. The magazine curates the best pubs and distilleries along with route maps that lead you straight to your favorite drams. The guide also makes for a unique reading experience for subscribers of regular whisky magazines and yearbooks.


This quarterly magazine is coveted for its exclusivity. Unfiltered is specially curated for the members of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. The articles usually focus on all matters related to the association, offering glimpses of this exclusive club to outside observers. However, the publication is not limited to community discussions but also delves deep into the world of whisky. The magazine explores Scottish, Japanese, Irish andAmerican whiskies, discussing the technical dimensions in detail.

So, that concludes our list. We are forever on the quest to bring newsworthy content for our readers. So, keep visiting The Whiskypedia for more knowledge and trivia and follow our social media handles for instant updates on new content.