Whisky-Infused Bath Products for Bubble Bath Day

After handling an exceptionally arduous day at the front (read work), you, the suave metrosexual man of the 21st century, comes home to rest. Post all that hard work, of the many little mercies that you allow yourself, whisky ranks high. On a completely unrelated note, so do luxurious baths. Let’s face it, indulgent baths are your great escape after a tiresome day handling corporate jobs, or they have the promise of becoming one with the right products in tow. After all, a man’s bath must feel like one. No, we’re not talking of carrying a toy ship a la Chandler Bing from FRIENDS. There’s a better way of getting your bath all fancy and manned up. Wonder how? Well, simply in the form of whisky-infused bath products! Ummm, haven’t heard of such a thing before? Think twice, for here’s a list of five exclusive toiletries that can jazz up your bath like nothing else can.


  1. Vanilla Whiskey Restoring Hair Soak, Bekura Beauty

If you’ve always cared for your hair, and wanted a mop of shiny, soft mane, try this beautiful whisky hair soak. It brings the best of hair care and the golden tipple together in a luxurious blend. The best part? You can also buy the lovely lady in your life this product as a gift for any occasion. Unique, handcrafted with finesse, and replenishing, bath products cannot get better than this hair soak here.


  1. Odin New York 09 Cologne, Barney’s

If you’re fond of keeping yourself well-groomed at all times, surely perfumes form a big part of your collection. But, since we’re talking of bath products in particular, nothing beats an eau de cologne that smells of smoky bourbon sprinkled with Perique tobacco with a pleasant, floral finish. Spritz it on and let the world fall in love with your charm.


  1. Noble Isle Whiskey & Water Bath & Shower Gel, Liquor.com

If you happen to be celebrating World Bubble Bath Day, then grab this shower gel without further ado. Dab on the gel and gently rub between your palms to release an intoxicating aroma of Speyside’s charismatic single malts. This shower gel is sure to take all your stress away and leave you feeling like you’d just visited one of the old distilleries of Scotland without actually having to travel.


  1. Soap for Old Souls, Whiskey River Soap Co.

A name like that is a bearer of the amazing things that whisky can do even daily products. The soap is handmade with unique ingredients, the most special of the lot being whisky. Manufactured in a rundown military facility in the hills, the soap works wonders on your skin, leaving your relaxed after a hard day at work. Again, it could be a great option for gifting to your brethren if you wish to.


  1. The Rob Roy Soap in a Tin, Scottish Fine Soaps

You must’ve sipped on a Rob Roy sometime during your courtship with whisky, but could you have ever imagined a soap inspired by the sophisticated drink? Yet, here it is, crafted to perfection, a soap infused with whisky, with hints of coffee, Patchouli, Amber and traces of almond liquorice. The soap comes in a vintage pack, upping its appeal and making it a great gifting option. But, if you want to keep this beauty for yourself, it fancy as fancy can get. This soap will not just be a great addition to your toiletries, but will occupy a position of grace on the rack.


This World Bubble Bath Day, give yourself a well-deserved break and indulge in whisky toiletries. Let the amber liquor wow you beyond the glass and enjoy moments of bliss before plunging into the daily grind again.