Whisky Dos And Donts At Your Wedding

Whisky and Weddings: What to do and what not to do

While the jury might still be out when it comes to getting married, we can all agree on the fact that planning a wedding is by no means any less than a Herculean task. The entire activity is quite the contrarian anomaly of both fulfilment and chaos.

Now the only one thing that can make things any worse for the wedding planner, is the prospect of an open bar. Yet that is exactly the kind of thing that can make the mythical big fat Indian wedding, even bigger.

Most people might shudder at the very thought of it, but when it comes to an open bar at weddings, there are so many things that could go right. Indian weddings are known all over the world for being the grandest of the grand affairs, where money is no object and no stone is left unturned to have the most lavish wedding one can dream of. But let’s keep this between us for a minute since money is, after all, the object.

Having an open bar doesn’t have to be an extraordinarily expensive proposition full of chaos with these simple, but remarkably helpful tips. You can have the dream wedding you have always desired without spending a bomb on drinks for your guests, proving once for all that you can have your cake and eat it too!

Get the calculator out

First things first; In order to get a basic idea of how much alcohol you may or may not need, create a list of all the people who drink, and the ones that do not. You may think this is borderline rudimentary, but trust us, it works.

You may even have a faint idea of the drinking preferences of all your loved ones, friends and family. List this information down too, and if it isn’t too much trouble, split them into two categories too; light drinkers and heavy drinkers. Of course you may not get it 100% correct but even a rough idea will help you a lot.

WHEN is the party happening?

Another crucial factor that can determine the alcohol consumption at an open bar fairly accurately. There are three facets to this one though;

Summer or Winter? Daytime event or Night-time soiree?

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Cooler drinks such as beer, alcopop beverages and cocktails will be more in demand during the summer, whether it’s daytime or night time. Even during the daytime in winter, these are the drinks you will need to lean more towards lieu of hard liquor such as whisky, vodka, gin and rum.

Winters are slightly more complicated, as your guests could swing either way during the daytime. Although during cold nights, your guests will gravitate towards hard liquor such as whisky, vodka, rum and gin. Beer, alcopop and cocktails may not have many takers so you can choose not to focus much on them.

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How long will the event last?

Knowing how long the shindig will last allows you to gain an estimate on the alcohol consumption. Say your wedding reception begins at 7pm, and ends before midnight. Not all guests will stick around until the very end, and may leave in a couple hours. That suggests a ‘3-4 drink’ possibility, and although you may feel tempted to tinker with the math by thinking a few of your heavy drinking buddies, or uncles, or aunties might make up for it; don’t.

Don’t be too eager to impress

When it comes to choosing what to go with, a lot of couples end up feeling the urge to impress the guests, inflating their budgets significantly. Standard or mildly expensive brands of booze are best if you have a limited budget. If you feel compelled to give your guests a choice, stick to 2-3 brands for each type of liquor.

The Indian populace is known to be one of the most prolific consumers of whisky, beer and vodka. For the rest, you can even cut down the choices to 1-2 brands each.

Modifying your open bar for a close relative or friend’s personal choice is never advisable if you have a budget to stick to. If absolutely necessary, instruct the bar staff to reserve a bottle for that specific guest.

Spoil them with YOUR choice

You can include a cascading choice of whisky brands including some fancy Scotch and Bourbon brands, and some robust Indian whisky brands. Ballantine’s and 100 Pipers are wildly successful Scotch brands in India and there isn’t a possibility of going wrong with them.

The Indian consumer isn’t too spoilt with choice when it comes to Bourbon or American whiskey, and the standard likes of Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s still remain famous. Blenders Pride Reserve Collection, Royal Stag Barrel Select and Signature are some terrific Indian whisky brands you can choose from. These are extremely popular brands all over the country, and you can never go wrong with them.

Pick the right vendor

An important tip to keep in mind for couples that like to be as frugal as they can be. When purchasing the liquor for your wedding open bar, always strike a deal with them to return unopened bottles of booze.

This not only helps you avoid being forced to either give away the bottles, or hoard them for the next best opportunity to crack them open. No matter how well you did the math, there are always situations where you may be left with some untouched booze, and this can help you recoup some of your expenses easily

Hire professionals

When it comes to delegating the bar responsibilities, you might feel inclined to entrust younger cousins and other interns from the gene pool as they are more trustworthy. But hiring professionals to do the needful not only ensures a job well done, but also allows family members to enjoy themselves.

Glasses and bottles of Whisky

Professional bartenders are always available for small gigs like these, and the show they put on is certainly worth the expense. The flair and theatricality that skilled professionals can display adds a whole new level of elegance to the best day of your lives.

Follow these easy steps to devise an ironclad open bar menu for the most special day of your lives, and ensure not only that your guests remain happy, but you end up saving some money too!