‘Whisky and Romance Manhattan’ by Mark S. Garbin

Bars and pubs have long soothed the souls of those who are single, and sparked passion between couples. With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, the season is ripe for romance. It’s time for couples to gear up with date ideas and for singles to find the best place to meet someone. Undoubtedly, bars and pubs are the hottest locales during this time. There are very few books out there that tells you exactly what you need to know. “Whisky and Romance Manhattan - A Rare Neighborhood Guide to New York Bars & Restaurants: Thirty-Two Fantastic Whisky Palaces to Gaze, Cuddle and Drink Includes the Sexiest Bar In Manhattan” is one such gem for New Yorkers and visitors to the city.

Not just Another Guide

Yes, Whisky and Romance Manhattan is a book that guides you to Manhattan’s unique bars and neighbourhoods, but not all guides tell you which place would be best for cuddling or what to do if your date cancels on you. Published as an e-book on Kindle, Whisky and Romance Manhattan allows readers to browse through 32 bars, 17 whisky shops, and 20 places for cheap dates in and around New York City. Each of the sites are embellished with lucid narratives, well-organized information, beautiful photographs, and witty anecdotes. Author Mark S. Garbin gives personal notes about the place helping readers organize and spend a perfect time with their partners or would-be partners.

The book gives romance a whole new meaning. Whether you are going on your first or third date, or even celebrating some other occasion with the one you like or love, you would not have to go to the bar without knowing anything about it. From details about the ambiance and the vibe to the cost of popular whiskies, wines, and cocktails, the book ensures you know what you can expect and how much you will spend. It holds your hand through your date and even after. The 256 pages provide a visual and sensual journey through the whisky-soaked sceneries of the city.

Best Ways to Use the Book

E-books have the advantage of being easily searchable. With Whisky and Romance Manhattan, you can look for the bars and pubs according to the neighbourhood or anything you are particularly looking for. For instance, if you want to enjoy a brilliant sunset with your date, you can get that by simply searching for the bar with a roof top view.

The book goes beyond its pages by providing relevant internal and online links to different bars, whiskies, and other details. With over 200 links, readers can do complete research before embarking on their romantic rendezvous. Whisky and Romance Manhattan proves to be a perfect companion for people celebrating Valentine’s Day in New York.

Admiration for the Author

Mark S. Garbin has been master of many trades. With a Masters’ Degree in International Business, this global investment risk expert, has travelled the world and gathered valuable experience. He has also dabbled with different professions, which includes jazz radio DJing. His first attempt at writing was in 2013, when he published a fictional thriller novel, named No Fingerprints.

Whisky and Romance Manhattan is his first non-fiction work. The e-book demonstrates diligent efforts in sampling over a thousand whiskies and gaining first-hand experience through working as a bartender. He is now widely renowned as a whisky connoisseur. Whisky and Romance Manhattan is the start to a series of more guide books from him. Let’s raise a toast to a meticulous man who reduced the nerves that come with planning a Valentine’s Day in the Big Apple.  

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Thursday, February 1, 2018