Ideal Whiskies To Celebrate This International Day Of Happiness

Whiskies To Celebrate This International Happiness Day

It has been rightly pointed out that happiness can never be bought, but the assessment is flawed because it overlooks the simple fact; A bottle of fine whisky, can be bought fairly easily.

Celebrating, and outlining happiness as a fundamental goal for all of human kind, the International Day of Happiness is celebrated each year on the 20th of March.

Advocating the pursuit of happiness through inclusivity, connectivity and promoting a general sense of well-being through altruism and generosity, this day prioritizes happiness and the things that make all of us happy.

Now, the epitome of happiness is doing what you love, and if it’s drinking whisky, we have got you covered. Tucked away in your fortress of solitude, binging on your favourite movies, or swaying to the tunes of your favourite classic rock band; or grooving to the beats of some funky tunes with your best friends, or quite simply reminiscing all the beautiful memories from over the years. What we are trying to say is, it is simply better with whisky.

As fellow lovers of whisky, it is our duty to present you with the best whisky options, no matter the nature of your party because these drinks will transport you to your happy place, in no time!

Blenders Pride for a House Party!

A no-nonsense choice when it comes to picking the perfect whisky for a house party. What makes Blenders Pride the most obvious choice is the superior quality at an unbeatable price!

A magnificent blend of Scotch malts from the house of Chivas Regal, blended with the best Indian grain spirits, Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whisky is the market leader in the premium admix segment, and for good reason. A smooth blend that is good for seasoned whisky drinkers as well as amateurs, this is a whisky that can make both the guests and the hosts happy.

Add the Royal to your Stag party

The quintessential part of the “boy’s night out’’ ensemble, Royal Stag Whisky is one of India’s most popular and widely consumed whisky and for good reason. It is an iconic brand that is synonymous with quality.

Royal Stag set a new benchmark for industry practices when it arrived in the Indian market when they vouched for not recycling bottles or using artificial flavors. This exquisite blend of fine Scotch malts and premium Indian grain spirits is the whisky of choice for events when the spirits flow freely and conversations last until the sun rises.

Jam with Jameson

If whisky has the power to make a person happy, adding music to the equation has the possibility to make it euphoric. Open a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey, pick up the old guitar and sing to the tune of your favorite yesteryear tracks to make the night as interesting as this wonderful Irish whiskey.

Jameson has been the world’s most well-known Irish whiskey, and is one of the smoothest drinks out there. What’s more, it’s the drink of choice of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, so you know it’s known to significantly heighten the output of phenomenal music.

Indulge in Luxury with Chivas

Break away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life with a bottle of the world’s first luxury whisky, and a glass with a few cubes of ice.

The need to unwind is paramount for all of us, and Chivas Regal 12 is the perfect companion for the people who seldom take a break from pursuing their goals and realizing their ambitious plans. If you appreciate the finer things in life, and have a taste for the extraordinary, seek out a bottle of Chivas Regal 12 this International Day of Happiness.

100 reasons to drink 100 Pipers

Premium. Sublime. Affordable. The world’s most popular standard segment Scotch, 100 Pipers finds its name through a Scottish legend that says ‘when you taste a good Scotch, you can hear a Piper play; but when you taste a truly exceptional Scotch, you can hear a 100 Pipers play’.

100 Pipers whisky and 100 Pipers 12 Years Scotch Whisky are two of the most impressive blended Scotch whiskies that have been blended to perfection at the Speyside. This fruity blend of single malt and grain whiskies is the market leader in India, Thailand, Australia, Spain and Venezuela in the standard Scotch category, and for good reason. Few Scotch whiskies can match the superior quality and reasonable pricing of the 100 Pipers, and the 100 Pipers 12 Years. Being a premium brand 100 Pipers Scotch price is not that expensive.

No matter what your plans are for International Day of Happiness, as long as you have a bottle of whisky for company, you won’t have to go to a party because you will be one!