Whiskies That Make Best Whisky Sour Cocktails

Known worldwide as one of the most popular whisky based cocktails, the Whisky Sour ticks every box on the checklist of the perfect drink; it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s absolutely delicious! The harmony between the sweetness of the sugar, the sourness of the lemon juice is only elevated by the whisky itself which brings us to our question;

What is the perfect whisky for a Whisky Sour cocktail?

The fundamentals of a Whisky Sour cocktail recipe are that no matter what you do, you have to stay faithful to the ingredients. Which, for people who revel in playing around and having fun with their base spirit, can be restrictive.

Best Whisky Sour Cocktails

When choosing a whisky to go with your Whisky Sour recipe, always keep in mind that sweet, citrusy and light whiskies work best with them. That means richly flavoured or Sherry or Port finished whiskies are off limits. You might also want to consider not using single malts in a whisky cocktail but if you really want to – You’re the boss.

Best Whisky Sour Cocktails

As the core ingredients of this whisky cocktail remain the same, there is not much that can alter the overall flavour of the whisky more than a whisky can. Which makes your choice of whisky, the most important determinant of the end result.

Best Whisky Sour Cocktails

There is a lot you can do right with a Whisky Sour, and there is also a lot that can go wrong if you end up choosing a whisky that is not suitable for this particular cocktail.

Allow us to make your job much easier, and recommend the best whisky expressions for your favourite whisky cocktail, the Whisky Sour!

Jameson Irish whiskey

There really is nothing quite like Jameson when it comes to whiskey based cocktails. The Irish juggernaut refuses to vacate its position as the world’s favourite Irish whiskey and for good reason. Jameson’s popularity is across the spectrum, and touches the hearts of every kind of whiskey drinker out there.

Jameson Whiskey

Jameson’s smooth, light character is perfectly suited for all whiskey cocktails, but the one it works best with is the Whiskey Sour. As the name suggests, this is a sweet and sour cocktail, and the flavours are derived from the citrus and sugar, requiring a whiskey that can complement these flavours well.

The subtle sweetness, gentle spice and touch of fruity notes brought along by Jameson can really make the best Whiskey Sour recipe for you. Not to mention the fact that the standard Jameson goodness is available at a really affordable price, which means you will often find yourself making them. We suggest you stock up adequately, both on the Jameson and other Whiskey Sour ingredients.

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Bourbon Whiskey

The freshest voice of innovation on the American whiskey scene is Rabbit Hole Cavehill, and their bold new inventory of Bourbons. The Rabbit Hole Distillery, established by Kaveh Zamanian in Louisville, Kentucky, took the world by storm a few years ago. Among the three Bourbon expressions unveiled by the company, Cavehill stands out tallest when we speak of the perfect Whiskey Sour ingredient.

Rabbit Hole Whiskey

Distilled from a mash bill that is surprisingly Corn heavy, and even more surprisingly, lacking in Rye is what makes Cavehill unlike any other Bourbon whiskey in the world today. The Rabbit Hole Cavehill mash bill consists of 70% Corn, 10% Malted Wheat, 10% Honey Malted Barley and 10% Malted Barley. This gives Cavehill it’s incredibly rich, sultry and sweet flavour profile, making it the ideal choice for a Whiskey Sour cocktail recipe.

Not only has Rabbit Hole Cavehill earned itself rave reviews at just about every tasting competition out there, it has also successfully incited enough curiosity from the whiskey world. This is a whiskey that does not play by the rules, yet somehow stays true to tradition. The sweetness of Rabbit Hole Cavehill could do wonders to your Whiskey Sour cocktail recipe like no other Bourbon can.

Ballantine’s Finest Whisky

Now, hear us out. It is no secret that a lot of whisky purists consider mixing Scotch whisky into cocktails a cardinal sin, more so when it’s something of the magnitude of Ballantine’s Finest. Hear us out for a minute and you will see why this exceptional blended Scotch whisky completes the list of Whisky Sour ingredients marvellously.

Ballantines Finest

The reason Ballantine’s Finest is the world’s second most bestselling Scotch whisky, and that is unrivalled quality, impeccable taste and certainly, affordable pricing. Based on the blueprint single malts from Glenburgie and Miltonduff, this is a well-balanced blend. The Ballantine’s Finest has a unique crispy sweetness and soft flavours that are the desired qualities for a cocktail whisky.

This is a crafty blend that has performed well on the international stage, and is a serial winner of Gold and Silver medals at competitions for many years. The Ballantine’s Finest is a blend that is more than most whiskies for its adaptability, and believe us, this might end up being the best Whisky Sour recipe you ever make!

Black & White blended Scotch whisky

As far as blended Scotch whiskies are concerned, there are few like this one in the market today. Black & White whisky inspires loyalty among its drinkers solely on the basis of great taste. Not many understand the source of this great taste and why this would be a great choice for a Whisky Sour cocktail, but don’t worry, we are going to tell you.

Black & White Whisky

Black & White achieved and sustained its popularity over the years for its light, citrusy and smooth characteristics, and they stem from the heavy quantity of grain whisky in this blend. Grain whiskies are usually used as fillers in many blended Scotch whiskies that rely on single malts to provide the flavour, but not with Black & White. James Buchanan, the creator of the Black & White blend brought out the best from his grain whiskies with this one.

Whisky Sour cocktails can easily go wrong if you don’t use the right whisky or whiskey in the recipe, but that is not a problem that shall arise when you opt for Black & White. A classic, robust blend that won’t pinch the pocket and will elevate your Whisky Sour recipe with certainty.

Jim Beam White Label Whisky

Another classic Bourbon option for the people who don’t mind a bit of smoky personality in their Whisky Sours. What makes Jim Beam a good choice for this cocktail is that it’s economical, it’s easily available and most importantly, it’s good.

This is a classic Kentucky straight Bourbon recipe, one that the brand claim’s has remained unchanged since the 1795. What is more fascinating about the Jim Beam White Label is that it undergoes maturation in charred Oak barrels for four years, which gives it the typical smoky, caramelized wood and vanilla flavours one associates with Jim Beam. Not to mention the slightly higher Rye content in the mash bill which is sure to add a twist to your Whisky Sour recipe.

Jim Beam White Label is a smooth, safe option for a Whisky Sour cocktail, and there is not much to go wrong with here. The Jim Beam and Jameson are two of the most reliable whisky cocktail choices any bartender would suggest and they would not be wrong.

For the people that are looking to shake things up a bit, our list of the top five whisky expressions that make the best Whisky Sour cocktails is definitely going to be a lifesaver for you.