Whiskies for Cheering on the Indian Premier League

The game of cricket has evolved manifold. Right from the beginning of the 16th century to the 21st century, cricket has gone through layers of enormous change. With new formats and rules being introduced over time, the beautiful game has become even more exciting. In short, “more the age, the better it becomes”. Wait! Doesn’t that line remind you of something?

Well, yes, you’ve got that right. This reminds us of whisky; because just like aged whisky, the game of cricket is getting better day by day. Now, let’s come to the point-- that is, the IPL (Indian Premier League). If you are a cricket fan, you would know how exciting this tournament is for the fans. In fact, ardent cricket lovers find ways to enhance their IPL experience at home. Be it ordering food or wearing the team jersey, the 4 hour T20 experience is something that most of us look forward. However, these are all common ways, aren’t they? So, what’s unique?

Ever wondered how would it feel to take a sip of the golden spirit just when Virat blasts the ball out the park? IPL is knocking at the door and it’s time to let your taste buds feel the blast of the T20 encounters. Here are a list of Scotch whiskies that you should try while cheering for your favourite teams in the IPL:

#1. Royal Challenge: The Shaw Wallace owned brand must have reminded you of the team that has this liquor brand as their prime sponsor. Further, it can’t get better if you are a die heart fan of Kohli and his IPL team, Royal Challengers Bangalore. The Royal Challenger, popularly known as ‘RC’ has been operating in the Indian market since the 1980’s. Around 12% of the blend comprises Scotch whiskies mixed malt made in India.

#2. Blender’s Pride: One of the most renowned whiskies in India, Blender’s Pride from the house of Pernod Ricard is an unadulterated choice for the IPL madness. The whisky is a mishmash of imported Scotch malts and certain Indian grain spirits. The smoothness of this drink would match with the scintillating swings of ace Indian bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Blender’s Pride is for the confident Indian contemporary man, who would prefer to lay back silently and watch an IPL match after a hard day’s work.

#3. Johnnie Walker Gold Label: Which team reminds you of gold? It is the most celebrated team in the IPL – the Kolkata Knight Riders. When you support the men in golden armour, why not compliment it with a Jonnie Walker Gold Label? This golden whisky has the perfect flavour of the embers from the West Coast. Every boundary hit or with a fall of vital wicket, it calls for a celebration and with Jonnie Walker Gold Label add a new flavour to your celebrations.

#4. Vat 69: The IPL is a bagful of emotions, where there are wins and losses. If your team is losing, you are bound to be sad or agitated. The best way to keep calm and absorb the situation is to take a sip of Vat 69 whisky. Made with a blend of about 40 different malt and grain whiskies, the spirit has its own virtue that will make you feel elated in your own way. This scotch has a mid-gold colour with a syrupy sweet nose and crisp wood notes. With every sip of this magical spirit, the agitation of your team losing out would condense and cheer you up for the next game.

#5. 100 Pipers: When a Kohli or a Smith hits a century, how would you celebrate? True cricket fans like to do it in style rather than just doing a ‘clap, clap clap’. Talking about style and celebration, pay your personal tribute for any special moment in the match with 100 Pipers scotch whisky. The image and the story associated with the brand is a troop of hundred pipers led Bonnie Prince Charlie into a battle in 1745. How about imagining the same when your favourite skipper leads his troops to the field after the toss?


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