When a Hollywood Movie Meets Whisky

Movies are where the magic happens, especially if there’s a whisky involved. Some of the most iconic Hollywood movie scenes include an appearance by a celebrated Scotch. Years of experience watching movie tells us that a good whisky bottle never goes unopened. So, for all our whisky loving audience out there, we have compiled a list of memorable whisky scenes in films. Take a moment to pour yourself a glass before we begin.


Who can beat Mr. Bond when it comes to mixing drinks and firing guns? As we learn in this epic Bond movie of our time, the quintessential Martini lover also has a soft spot for fine Scotch. Javier Bardem’s Silva doesn’t forget to mention the fact that it’s Bond’s favorite when offering him the Macallan 1962, along with a vintage set of guns and some nefarious intentions.

Inglorious Bastards

Tarantino is the master of pacing. The way his movies explode into action is simply phenomenal. An excellent example of action mixing with the fine stuff is the scene when Lt. Archie’s cover is blown and he calmly says, “There’s a special place in hell, reserved for people who waste good Scotch.”

Goosebumps and bullets follow.

Kingsman – The Golden Circle

Quite a surprise when the first one hit theatres, the Kingsman franchise has quickly gathered a loyal following with its stellar cast and explosive storylines. Among the most memorable of its scenes are the ones when the Kingsmen discover their American cousins, the Statesmen with barrels full of Bourbon whiskey.

Horrible Bosses

If you think whiskies in movies are all about action and no fun, Horrible Bosses are here to prove you wrong. Dave Harken, the villainous boss of a hilariously resentful Jason Bateman, is a Scotch Man. It doesn’t matter if its 8:15 in the morning, because you are in for the long haul.

Star Trek Beyond

Even when you take off from the earth into hyperspace, you don’t leave a good Scotch behind. Captain Kirk and the ship’s eccentric yet loveable Dr. McCoy share a Scotch stolen from Chekhov’s locker – a Russian guy who knows his single malts. It gets a little sentimental after that, but don’t we all do after a glass or two?

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