What To Drink This Friendship Day?


Friendship is an unbreakable bond that stands by your side regardless of the situation. Whether you’re living the happiest phase of your life or struggling through hard times, friends are always there to celebrate or grieve with you, depending on the situation. Keeping the importance of this bond in mind, it’s essential to let your chums know how much they matter to you. What could be a better occasion than Friendship Day to express your gratitude towards friendship?

To make the most out of this day, a lavishing drink and warm weather are certainly a perfect combination. If you’re wondering what to drink, make sure you read the article till the end to gain some creative inspiration.

 1. Signature Premium Grain Whisky

Signature is one of the most recognized whisky brands available in India, which has always been a preferred choice for bars across the country. It consists of imported scotch malts and Indian grain spirits with hints of honey and slight smokiness.

Signature premium has a fine finish with the taste of grains and peat along with lingers and cereals. The brand enjoys a great reputation and offers an amazing drinking experience. Therefore, you may consider picking this drink for the occasion of Friendship Day.

 2.     Director’s Special Black Whisky

 With a unique bottle design and exceptional taste, the Director’s special always maintains a steep boldness through its exquisite smoothness. It has been nominated for several awards because of its par level of excellence.

 The brand has always been a preferred choice for connoisseurs and features a distinct flavor that assures to leave a permanent impression on anyone who tries it at least once. The uniqueness of this drink is what makes it a preferred choice to enjoy a great time with your friends.

 3.     Paul John Bold Whisky

Often regardedas one of the most popular fully peated single malt whiskies in India, the Paul John bold whisky utilizes peats sourced from Islay and processed in Goa with 6-row Indian barley, which offers a distinctive taste to this drink.

The whisky is distilled in traditional copper containers with Indian barley and Scottish peat. It’s matured in American oak casks that provide a slight whiff of smoke and a silky palate. The essence of this drink is certainly amazing, especially when you enjoy it with your friends.

Bottom Line

Enjoying a great drink with your buddies on a bright day is surely an unforgettable experience. There are various drinks you can choose from for the occasion of Friendship Day. So, make sure you check the aforementioned ones for inspiration.