Whiskies to enjoy at a weekend house party

House Party Alcohol Ideas

Throwing a house party has the potential to be the highlight of your social status, but planning a house party is a much more tedious activity that few people enjoy, and that is because very few people get it right.Familiarizing yourself with every whimsical guest request is the first step in the right direction and for that, you must know every kind of drinker that shows up to a house party.

Setting the tone for your house party is governed by getting your alcohol shopping list right, and for that, we have you covered. Whether it’s the guest that exclusively emphasizes on single malt whiskies, to the champagne diva, this guide will help you cover every alcohol related request.

You can easily make your house party one of the buzziest nights of the year that will have people eagerly waiting for an invite for the next one! Let us get started on understanding every kind of house party guest that show up, so that you can walk up to the store with purpose and the decisive execution to define your identity of the perfect party planner.

The Drinking-To-Get-High People

Every party is crowded with people who are indulging in drinks to loosen up, and hit the dance floor as quickly as possible. Help these party people shake-a-leg with some fine Indian whisky brands such as Royal Stag, or Blenders Pride, for a slightly more premium whisky brand. These whiskies deliver a quality product at a reasonable price and administer a buzz that will help your guests to hit the dance floor with an enviable energy!

The Whisky-On-The-Rocks Person

Chivas Regal 12

A person who enjoys the finer things in life, and prefers to sip on their whiskies is someone who would appreciate your impeccable choice in single malt whiskies. This guest would have no qualms about delivering a quick speech on the difference between single malt Scotches and all other whiskies, and they will not be easily impressed. The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old is an excellent single malt Scotch for this kind of a guest, and will definitely not give them a reason to complain.

The Cuckoo-For-Cocktails Person

For the party guest who refuses to ingest their alcohol without adding a few mixers to their drink, Jameson Irish Whiskey, or Seagram’s Fuel Vodka are the perfect options. Whiskey cocktails are a novelty, and experimenting with them could earn you some well-deserved praise. The Old Fashioned, or the Irish Lemonade are excellent choices of Whiskey cocktails; but if your guest prefers Vodka, go for Seagram’s Fuel, it’s a no-nonsense drink and perfect for a number of delicious cocktails.

The I-Only-Drink-Beer Bro

No matter the occasion, and no matter the season, this party guest shares a proclivity for beer, and nothing else will do. You may have noticed them at other parties, cranking open bottles with their teeth, and hanging around the washroom for frequent visits. Beer drinkers don’t tend to be picky and popular beer brands such as Budweiser, or Carlsberg would be an ideal choice for exclusively beer drinking guests.

The Lets-Have-Shots People

Every party is blessed with a few people who scream “Shots!” out of the blue, and have even been known to coax other guests into doing, “Just one shot man, c’mon!”. For shots, Absolut would be the ideal choice, but if you are looking to throw a house party on a budget, Seagram’s Fuel Vodka is a more reasonable option with no compromise on quality.

The Luxury Savant

People Drinking Whisky

We have all known someone who shares a proclivity for the finer things in life, and for them, only the most premium products make the cut. For party guests like these, a luxury Scotch whisky brand such as Chivas Regal is the ultimate libation; or if they prefer a Vodka, the holy grail of Vodkas, Absolut would be much appreciated.

The Champagne Connoisseur

For someone who loves their bubbly and takes no exceptions, the G.H. Mumm is an ideal choice. It is one of the oldest, and the most premium champagne brands that any champagne lover would appreciate. Pair it with some fresh strawberries, or you could go for oysters if a budget isn’t holding you back.

The Wine or Whine Guest

A house party without a wine lover wouldn’t feel complete because let’s face it, who would spend an hour trying to explain the health benefits of a glass of wine per day to everyone else? Well, jokes apart, if you are wondering which particular brand of Red Wine, or White Wine to choose from, the Nine Hills brand offer a wide range of choices suitable for any budgets.

The I-Only-Drink-Old-Monk Bro

Perhaps no other type of house party guest is as self-explanatory as this one, but if you do have a few friends or acquaintances that can never seem to ditch their dark rum, suggesting an alternative to them couldn’t hurt. The Havana Club, or Malibu brands of rum are both excellent choices and have been known to be immensely popular and come from two places in the world that are renowned for their delicious rum; Cuba, and the Caribbean.

There you have it, an all-inclusive, and all-encompassing list of options for any type of guest you may host for your house party this season. Pick the most suitable options and prepare to rake in the praise for the most happening party your friends will attend this year!