4 Ways to Turn Your Wine into a Cocktail

Most people wish to take their wines in the most rustic manner and enjoy them with various flavors of cheese. But there are several occasions that demand more than the classic usual flavors. Wine is the Gemini of alcohol. There are red wines, white wines, rosé, etc., for the wine admirers to enjoy and savor. Sure, you can drink it straight up, but you'd be doing this super tasty alcoholic nectar a disservice if you didn't use it as the base of a cocktail.

Let’s see how you can dress up your wine into yummilicious cocktails:

Rosé Berry Bliss

The rosé berry bliss is made by the pitcher and begins with a blush pink wine. The blueberries and pink lemonade come out of the market's freezer section, which makes this an incredibly easy drink. The flavor is wonderful, and your guests will never know how little effort you put into it.

Mango Passion

Fresh mangoes are the star of this cocktail. The vodka and sparkling white wine give the mango passion a fascinating base and you will love how the tropical fruit plays along with the rich taste of this cocktail.

Raspberry Lemonade Sangria

It is a fruity and refreshing drink for summers and can be a treat for the tastebuds of wine lovers. It requires your favorite wine, fresh lemonade and fresh raspberries. It will surely be a hit amongst your guests and visitors during summers.

White Peach & Mango Sangria

This could be a classic cocktail for all summer parties. You need a refreshing white wine and mix it with mango-flavored rum. The peach schnapps can add to the required sweetness and fruity flavor in the drink.

The above-mentioned wine cocktails offer a wide spectrum of choices in flavors and can give you a much-needed change from the regular wines. One must try their own flavors and experiment to come with a cocktail of their own. This will definitely give you and your guests an exploration of a new world of cocktails made from wine.