Best Ways to Enjoy Whisky During Summers

Earlier, whisky used to be an excuse for a get-together enjoyed prominently in cold and wet weather. Even today, nothing feels better than enjoying a glass of whisky when you get home after a chilly day.

However, if you’ve ever tried drinking a glass of whisky in the dreary heat of the sun, you may find it equally problematic. During the summer season, you need to make some changes in your drinking preferences to enjoy every drop of it.

Savoring a good, blended whisky doesn’t need to be dependent on the season. With that said, let’s take a look at some quick tips that will help you enjoy your premium whisky in India during the summer season:

Keep It Cool

The first thing that you must do is add some ice cubes to your drink. Not only will it make your drink cooler, but also allow it to look more appealing. Further, you can choose from a range of ice available to elevate your drinking experience.

Add Some Stone Fruits

India has an abundance of several flavorful and ripe stone fruits. Consider consuming apricots, plums, peaches, or nectarines with your drink in a limited amount to make the most out of your summer drinking sessions.

Drink No-Age-Statement Whiskies

The true admirers of whisky prefer their drink to be rare and complex in flavor. To make this happen, the whiskies are kept in barrels for a longer duration to make them rich, flavorful, and complex. The more the age of a whisky, the costlier it will be in the market.

However, it also brings a sense of harshness to your drink that can be somewhat overwhelming during the summers. Therefore, make sure you consider drinking a younger or no-age-statement whisky during summers and keep your faith in elder whiskies for winters.

Avoid Cocktail Bitters for a While

You may find doing this comparatively hard, especially when you’re a huge fan of cocktail bitters itself. However, summers always call for refreshing beverages over direct and complex premium whiskies available in India.


The love for whisky doesn’t need to be compromised because of the harshness of the weather. With some clever tips in mind, you can easily make your whisky more refreshing and tasteful in summers. Therefore, make sure you follow the tips given above and enjoy drinking whiskies in the summers. 

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