Ways To Drink Glenlivet

Forever etched in the memory of whisky lovers all over the world, The Glenlivet is one of the oldest and beloved single malt scotch whiskies. It is also one of the best-selling single malt whiskies all over the world. A few variants of The Glenlivet are Glenlivet 12, Glenlivet 15, Glenlivet 18, Glenlivet 21, etc.

Encompassing both, the old-school scotch connoisseur that swears by their Glenlivet Neat, and the more creatively zesty new-school that loves to infuse some style and fun into their single malts.

Now when it comes to the variety of mixed single malt drinks, the Glenlivet works wonderfully with something as simple as a soda, or if you’re looking towards emulating one of the literary heroes of the 20th century, a dash of lime into your Glenlivet Whisky might propel you to the heavens to meet Ernest Hemingway.

The Old School is divided into two factions that are extremely serious about their Glenlivet Neat, while the new school is generously flexible regarding their ingestion of some fine Glenlivet Whisky.

Not all of us may agree on the best way to drink Glenlivet, although we can all agree on the fact that we really should.

Let us draw inspiration from some of the scotch drinking heavyweights to find you the best way to drink Glenlivet.

Although the Glenlivet’s old school lovers prefer to drink it neat, it’s actually ice that manages to split them into two conflicting sides, The Gentleman who prefers not to have his Glenlivet Whisky watered down with ice, and the cool cat who like his whisky chilled.

The Gentleman

For the drinker who establishes their authority in the room, The Gentleman style enables you to really explore the subtle flavor of rich single malt whiskies such as The Glenlivet, whilst maintaining the complete sanctity of the drink.

How to drink Glenlivet

On The Rocks

As we discussed earlier, there is no right way to drink The Glenlivet, and when it comes to preferences of the old school, adding a couple cubes of ice to the whisky is the way to do it.

Glenlivet on the rocks

The James Bond

While we typically associate our favorite British spy with a vodka martini because of the immensely popular term ‘shaken, not stirred’, 007 does share a proclivity for Scotch in the books. The James Bond style is a single malt whisky mixed with soda, something that works perfectly when mixed with his Glenlivet Whisky.

Glenlivet James Bond Style

Originally from Scotland, one can’t blame the fictional superspy for leaning towards this heavenly spirit.

The Hillary

It’s none other than the woman who laid the strongest ever challenge and possibly the most credible attempt at being the first female President of the United States of America.

Best Ways to Drink The Glenlivet

Hillary Clinton was also infamously caught on camera at a local bar, taking a shot of whisky straight up! The Hillary certainly seems to be the drink for whisky lovers who have no time to waste.

The Ernest Hemingway

The original bad boy of the literary world, Ernest Hemingway lived a wonderfully adventurous life. He served as an ambulance driver during the First World War, working as a journalist during the Spanish Civil War, married four times and authored over seven novels, numerous short story collections and more. He was also known to appreciate single malt scotch, and preferred to take his single malt whiskys with a dash of lime.

Considering, Glenlivet Whisky is ‘the single malt that started it all’, it is only logical to believe that a Glenlivet Neat with a dash of lime might be the best way to drink Glenlivet after all.

The Ava Gardner

One of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood during the 1950s, Ava Gardner was also among the first women the shatter the stereotype of whisky being a ‘man’s drink’.

Famously quoted as wishing to live for a 150 years, but should she die, she would prefer it if she had a whisky in one hand, and a cigarette in the other.

Recreate these wonderful ways to drink the Glenlivet, or emulate the people who transformed whisky drinking into an art with these delightful ways of ingesting one of the world’s finest Scotch whiskys.