Virginia Highland Malt Whisky, a flagship of the Virginia Distillery Company, won the title of best single-malt whiskey in America at the World Whiskies Awards.

Presented by the UK-based Whisky Magazine, the contest held every year rates whiskies across the world. It also ranks whiskies from each country according to its distillation style. The initiative was launched by the World Drinks Awards program in 2007, with categories including both World Beer Awards and World Whiskies Awards.

Virginia Distillery Company was also the proud winner of two medals at the annual awards dinner hosted by the American Craft Spirits Association in February. Its Highland Malt Whisky won a gold medal, and the Cider Barrel Matured Virginia Highland Malt Whisky took home a bronze medal.

CEO of Virginia Distillery Company, Gareth Moore, said, “We take a unique approach to whiskey-making as we carry my father’s vision to fruition — combining time-tested traditional methods from the Old World and the resources and maturation climate in the New World that he called home.”

Other results from the World Whiskies Awards will be announced later this month at the ceremony dinner in London.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017