Van Brunt Stillhouse: The Artisanal Whisky Haven

Van Brunt Stillhouse is an artisanal brewery located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. Named after Cornelius Van Brunt, one of the neighbourhood’s founding fathers, it dates back to the pre-Prohibition era. The distillery sources local ingredients for its whiskies, which have a mash bill of a minimum of 51 percent rye. They are unfiltered, and aged in charred oak barrels of American oak. There are four main types of whiskey that are produced here.

The Van Brunt Stillhouse American Whiskey is a four grain whiskey, primarily made from wheat and malted barley, with traces of corn and rye. Its sweetness is reminiscent of bourbon, with strong floral notes. Van Brunt Stillhouse Malt Whiskey is made with 100 percent malted barley, and contains notes of roasted nuts and caramel. It is aged in new barrels for over nine months, which infuses it with a rich, earthy character from the wood, and truly brings out the grain.

The Van Brunt Stillhouse Bourbon Whiskey is a bourbon made with wheat and 65 percent organic state corn.   The Van Brunt Stillhouse Rye Whiskey is a new release which draws on previously tested recipes to create a complex and unique brew with the spiciness of rye and the tart-sweet flavour of dried apricots. It has a dry toasted finish, which lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

The distillery offers tours where one can witness and experience the entire production process while sipping on a delicious cocktail.  The Tasting Room is open to all, from Thursday to Saturday. Refer to the website for timings. Tours are requested to be booked ahead of time.