Whisky for My Valentine

Deciding on a gift for your Valentine can be a most tricky affair. Regardless of how long or short you have been together, it is often the litmus test for many relationships - that is the long and the short of it. Valentine gifts cannot turn out to be too extravagant, lest you may come across as eager-to-please and attention-seeking. Neither is it the time to cut corners - no one wants to go out with a person of meagre means. It could be indicative of an ungenerous spirit if not lamentable resources.  Here is a list of things you can consider gifting  your valentine. Some of them are to some extent naughty, and some downright creative. Whisky-themed gifts are invariably received well!

1.Whisky-Tasting Tray - Well, how about that ! A gift as classy will fetch you extra brownie points. Built of wood, it has holder-spaces drilled for shot glasses to sit in. Most of them are water-proofed for your convenience. You  can even have them engraved with a message for your beloved. Pour your valentine a shot of his favourite Chivas Regal and serve it on this whisky-tasting tray. Elegant by presentation, it will make a mark.

2.Whisky Tumblers -  If you are keen on finding a gift for your valentine which does not burn a hole in the pocket, think of getting him whisky tumblers. Be it The Glenlivet 12 or the Royal Salute 38 Whisky he savours, every sip of his favourite dram will be laced with love. Heavy-bottomed tumblers are easy-on-the eye and enhance the overall experience of enjoying whiskies.

3. Whisky-Scented Candles - How about doing up the room and installing some whisky-scented candles to create the most romantic mood for the evening ? Handmade and presented in glass jars, they can even be personalised with labels and messages. When you sit down in front of a crackling fire and savour a sip or two of your Longmorn, light up these little pots of scented candles. They make for the perfect gift and can be put to good use immediately.

4.Whisky Cookies - Win his heart by baking a batch of his favourite cookies. Spike them with maple syrup. To the regular cookie batter, simply add maple syrup. As a finishing touch, apply a whisky glaze before settling it in the pre-heated oven. Use any whisky you have lying around at home - Passport Scotch will do just fine. A fresh batch of these melt-in-the-mouths come out all crunchy on top and full of sweetness inside. It sure will warm up the cockles of his heart !

Or indulge in choco-chip cookies laced with whisky. Chocolates and whisky are known to get along well. Pair it with your glass of Scapa and you are well on your way to celebrating the company of your valentine.

5. Leather Coasters - Coasters need not be dismissed as the most boring gift-idea for Valentine’s Day. Have them picked-up in leather with a water-proof film. Elegant and handy, these could be the perfect thing to get your lady-love, especially if she is house-proud. Keep things simple and get her what she secretly covets. When your whisky glass rests on one of those leather coasters and the lady of the house treats you like a king, you will know that it was money well-spent.

6. Whisky-Themed Coffee Mugs - Now this is a naughty idea if there ever was one ! Whisky-themed coffee mugs are not hard to come by. They are, no doubt, the most unconventional choice of a gift for your valentine. Coffee may be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning, but if the morning-beverage of your choice is had out of a whisky-themed coffee mug, it is sure to bring a smile to the lips. Have coffee, pretend its whisky ! It might just work for some !

7. Whisky-Barrel Bars -  If you wish to pick up something long-lasting, how about a piece of furniture with oodles of charm ? Consider gifting your partner a whisky- bar with shelves for storage, built out of whisky barrels. Store your Seagram, Powers and J.P. Wiser’s here.  A piece of art - a whisky-bar built of barrels is a conversation-starter.

8. How about the Real Thing ?

You cannot go wrong with a nice bottle of whisky.  If it is Blended Scotch Whisky he prefers, gift him a bottle of 100 Pipers Whisky. Aberlour is the best drink for someone partial to Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. Jameson Whiskey and the Ballantines Whisky are also popular choices. For someone with an educated understanding of his whiskies and a discerning taste, only the best will do. Choose a whisky you know he loves.

When love is in the air, can Valentine’s Day be far behind ? Gifting ideas are best explored with personal touches. Get started now, the day is upon you !

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