Unpopular Opinions About Whisky

Whisky comes in all shapes and sizes and so do the people who enjoy it. From a newly-entered enthusiast to a seasoned connoisseur, everyone has that one unconventional opinion about whisky that might spark up a debate between some people.

That being said, we have compiled a list of some of the most unpopular opinions about whisky to determine how people from different genres look forward to the never-ending world of Scotch and Malt expressions available out there.

Before proceeding through the list, keep in mind that this discussion talks about unpopular opinions, which means only certain people believe the facts stated. Therefore, you may not agree with some of these opinions and you do not even have to.


1. Expensive Whisky Is Not Worth Most of The Times

We have always seen whiskies associated with outrageous price tags, just look at Jack Daniel’s or any other top-shelf expression’s price. Although these brands justify the cost, a lot of people believe that spending a ridiculous amount of money on whisky is not worth it.

On the contrary, any bottom-shelf whisky can taste better with some coke or ginger ale, especially when you cannot afford the premium ones. It is not like expensive whiskies do not taste good; in fact, they taste even better than conventional expressions but you would care a lot less about expensive ones when you find your desired taste in an economical option.


2. Artificial Flavoring is Not Much of a Big Deal

While it can be a bit tempting to agree with the fact, indeed coloring does not impact the flavor of your whisky at all and most brands already know about it. Certain studies show that taste is influenced greatly by appearance.

This means adding color to enhance the look of your spirit in the glass is not a big deal at all. Moreover, using caramel as a coloring in whiskies is pretty common nowadays and has been in practice for several decades.


3. Not Every Whisky Has to Be Drunk Neat or On the Rocks

If you have paid for your dram, you can enjoy it your way. There are several delicious cocktail recipes out there and no they do not ruin your whisky. It is not necessary to savor a whisky only straight or on the rocks. In fact, there are several great additions such as ginger ale or lime water that can enhance the flavor of your spirit.


4. Standard Bottles are Absurdly Large

For a single whisky aficionado, a typical bottle of size 35cl to 50 cl is more than enough. It allows you to get some nice six to seven pours so you can savor your favourite whisky, but the standard size of the bottle is way too large for an individual.

Unless you are sharing it with a buddy or do not like tasting other expressions, it is worthless to purchase a standard bottle as you might not be able to finish it anytime soon. There should be more 35cl bottles out there.


5. Higher Age Statements are Comparatively Better Than Lower Age Statement

We are not saying that older whiskies are better, but the fact that most Scotch producers increase the ABV of their spirits as they age enhances the presentation of the malt and makes it better in practice because an average consumer does not look at age statements but the overall presentation.

However, it is the only visible clue available for everyday consumers, and Scotch producers are very well aware of it. Some countries like Canada even require ABV to be printed visibly on the label face of each bottle.



Like the variety of expressions, people’s opinions also vary when it comes to whisky. It is quite intriguing to know about such unpopular opinions as they are impacted directly by the trends and changes in the whisky industry. We hope you found it interesting to know about such unique views of people on whiskies.