Tryst with the Red Carpet: 'Whiskying' with Celebs

As the shadow of late capitalism continues to blanket this century, the drink of the gods too has made its debut on the red carpet. Welcome to the age of celebrity whisky endorsements. It’s not just about whisky anymore. Whisky has caught the millennial’s fancy, courtesy a host of TV shows from Breaking Bad to Mad Men and Parks ‘n Recreation. The amber spirit has gained cult status.

Sipping on the golden liquor is now an experience to be savoured, one pour at a time. No wonder, many known faces of the entertainment industry have made their swashbuckling entry into whisky advertisements. Here’s a handful of the who’s who who’ve frolicked with whisky under limelight:

Mathew McConaughey, for Wild Turkey Bourbon  

Topping the list is the True Detective, Mathew McConaughey. McConaughey was chosen to be the Creative Director of Gruppo Campari’s Wild Turkey Bourbon in 2016. Soon after, he made his directorial debut with a video for Wild Turkey’s YouTube channel. Talking of his new ‘gig’, the charismatic America actor-writer-director claims that he wanted “…to be a part of the whole story, not just a character in it.” True to his words, McConaughey donned the hat of being Wild Turkey’s ‘chief storyteller’-the American heartthrob for the American heritage. And, thus was born the “It’ll find you campaign”.

Mila Kunis, for Jim Beam

Those who watched The 70s Show would be aware that not just anything could entice Jackie Burkhart. But, a smoky glass of auburn Jim Beam, aged more than regulatory years permit makes the cut. Enter Mila Kunis for the house of Jim Beam. The actor-model’s association with the famous whisky brand happened in 2014 and thus was born a heart-warming tale of Mila’s tryst with Kentucky Straight Bourbon. As Fred Noe takes the American honey on a trip down his bittersweet memory lane, the rich tradition of Jim Beam distillery unfolds within the sacred walls of the estate and the Beam family house.

David Beckham, for Haig Club

The poster boy of English football stars in a flashy advert directed in Guy Ritchie’s signature flamboyant style for Haig Club’s Single Grand Scotch Whisky. David Beckham’s association with the brand came about in 2014 when Diageo decided to launch a new single grain Highland scotch. Oozing charismatic splendour in every frame, a series of ads starring Beckham became quite a rage, earning the ace footballer the highest campaign revenue of the year.

Jude Law, for Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The very charming Jude Law was roped in by alcohol giant Diageo to star in a short film promoting Johnny Walker Blue Label. Unlike most other celebrities on the list, this association was a short-lived one which lived up to its expectations, nonetheless. A six-minute short, cheekily titled A Gentleman’s Wager sees the blue-eyed English actor relaxing on an old, beautiful boat with Giancarlo Giannini sipping on Blue Label. Law expresses his desire to win over the boat with a dance, much to the surprise of the old man. What follows is part mischief, part vintage story telling. Law mesmerises with his sophistication and leaves the audience pining for a glass of the much-coveted Johnny Walker Blue Label, made from the rarest of rare whiskies.

Christina Hendricks, for Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label Whisky

“It’s classic. It’s bold. It’s Johnnie Walker. And you ordered it.” says the buxom Goddess Hendricks while staring you in the eye, as her flaming locks frame her face. Much like the boys in Mad Men, it is hard to turn your head away from Joan Holloway as she urges you to sip on the master blends from Johnnie Walker. Christina’s association with the legendary brand not only breaks stereotypes, but makes a great case for women who love drinking whisky. Talk of beauty and the beast!

The stage is set for more such celebrity whisky endorsements and the best yet to come. Till then, raise your glasses and make a toast to the drink that makes the world go around. Cheers!