The True Barrel Proof Kentucky Bourbon – Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig, an American bourbon whiskey, was named in honour of a clergyman by the same name who was a Baptist preacher from Kentucky, in the 1800s. He fabricated the method for “True Kentucky Bourbon” and is held in respect for the method of settling his distillate into charred oak-barrels.

Heaven Hill Distillery Company, the producer of this singular Kentucky bourbon, faced an upsurge in recognition followed by a botch in delivering to increasing demand. This dates back to early 2016. The eventual future of the brand would have been a Weller 12 Year; clearly a shelf ghost. There were two probable solutions to this situation. Either the brand had to suffer the age-statement and make way for a blend with a younger stock and hold back its price range of sub-$30. Alternatively, it could settle for a hike in price and maintaining its age statement thus being limited stock. The distillery found it wise to opt for the former.


Origination of the process from “The Father of Bourbon” –

Before we go on to talk about the origination of the process of Elijah Craig; it was the first small batch bourbon to be created. The history of Elijah Craig goes back to the 1800s in Kentucky. Even though a major chunk of the history is lost and there are various versions of the tale of its origination, the classic Bourbon was named after Elijah Craig, a reverend of born in Virginia, who remained a Baptist preacher and an active individual in those days. He was a land speculator, educator as well as a road builder who was also credited to develop the first wool and paper mill in Georgetown, KY. However, his contribution as an entrepreneur and a distiller that won him accolades as the “Father of Bourbon” and placed him in history.


How did Elijah Craig come to be the “Father of Bourbon”?

Elijah Craig was eulogized for spearheading the charring method of oak-barrels put to use for aging Bourbon. However, since there are several versions of this history, we are not certain as to what exactly happened. One incident describes that there was an accidental fire once in Elijah’s mill that led to the charring of the wooden barrels. This changed the taste of the whiskey inside. Other narratives moot that Elijah used to stock up his wares in erstwhile sugar barrels. Eventually he got fascinated with the enhancement in the flavor that came around due to the charring of the barrels. These make for great stories, isn’t it?

Although, there is no definite information as to how Elijah initiated the charring of his barrels. But it was well inferred as to why he pursued the cultivation of the method of charring and transformed Bourbon creation forever, once he figured it out.

The young and fine corn liquor inside the barrels mold into a liquid that is bold and amber, with a flavor that is unusually smooth, something that makes Bourbon the maestro what it is!

Whatever the story might have been, Elijah Craig enjoyed the complete chunk of being credited as the first distiller who aged his whiskey in charred oak-barrels. We believe it to be the essential most piece of the tale and embrace the history with much pride.


Breaking Bourbon’s History –

As fancy as it sounds, Bourbon Whiskey, like we all know is a class of American whiskey, a distilled spirit made from corn mainly aged in a barrel.

​Elijah Craig is a premium bourbon whiskey, produce of the Heaven Hill Distillery Company. It is produced in both Small Batch and in bottling of 18-year old Single Barrels. Initially the small batch produces were 12-year old. However, in order to augment the inventory, the bottling was switched to 8 and 12-year old composites in 2016.

Elijah is time-honored bourbon that is not complex at all, yet proposes quirks enough to hold it compelling. It is vintage paragon of well-balanced and all-round bourbon with few maneuvers. What imparts the quintessential flavor to this bourbon is its age.

The 18-year old Single Barrel Elijah Craig Bourbon stole accolades for winning the Best Bourbon award and the rating of a Double Gold Medal, in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2010. Earlier to this, it was acknowledged with Silver Ratings in the years 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007, Gold Medal Rating in 2004 and Double Gold Medal Rating in 2008.

If you are someone who would not settle for anything less than stellar, then Elijah Craig is your welt.