Treat Yourself With Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Treat Yourself With Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

The alcohol market is rich with brand names that qualify for exceptional whiskies. One such outstanding name is Johnnie Walker, one of the most iconic brands with a strong image across the globe. Johnnie Walker has impressed all of its consumers, be it novice starters or expert connoisseurs. The very recognizable squarish bottle with coloured labels defining each variant and standing separate from each other, Johnnie Walker is a quintessential brand. The range starts with Red Label and goes till many other mid-ranking to high-end variants.

Introducing: The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

But today, we talk about Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, a reformed label that comes from an already established and launched variant- the Gold Label 18 years. Johnnie Walker Gold Label was launched in 2012 and was soon discontinued.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label, the fine blended scotch, was replaced by its alternative, the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and was called the Celebration Blend. The age statement was dropped, which gave blenders the liberty to mix various whiskies. The age was dropped, but the price range remained the same. To stick to the 18 years blended scotch line, Johnnie Walker also launched the Platinum Label 18 years in 2013.

Back at the launch of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, the makers claimed that this new form of the old Johnnie Walker Gold Label, also referred to as the Centenary Blend, can be seamlessly replaced by Gold Label Reserve. The reason was that they both were from the same family and carried a distinctive honeyed aroma from the single malt distillery in Clynelish. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a blend that is heavier on the Speyside and Highland whiskies, specifically the Clynelish single malt with some West Coast added in to develop the distinctly peaty character Johnnie Walker whiskies are known for.

This award-winning blend can be called a ‘special’ from the house of Johnnie Walker as it comes from the labour of love from Master Blender Jim Beveridge.

Its Tasting Notes

As per the official website of the brand, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve smells of heather honey aroma and woody notes, with vibrant and tropical fruit with smooth, creamy and vanilla taste. Each sip has a long, smooth, sweet and lingering finish that is well balanced and smoky.

The vital stats are 40% ABV / 80 proof, with no age statement. In appearance, it has light amber and honey tones.

Ways To Enjoy Your Dram Of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a perfect blend when you want to celebrate and indulge. Being a balanced blend of Speyside and Highland whiskies, it is a dram for when you wish to create good memories.

When it comes to fine blended scotch like Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, it is always up to the choice of the drinker on how to prepare his glass of whisky- straight, on the rocks, with some water, by adding a twist of mixers or bubbling it up with some club soda. But the makers suggest to try it with apple juice and club soda. If you are up for some experiments, try something new with your bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve!