Tracing the History of Blender's Pride

Chances are slim that you recollect your first encounter with alcohol. The maiden tryst with alcohol is perhaps just as special as any other first time adventures. Whether you recollect it, or not, if you relate to covertly sneaking a taste of your very first intoxicant, you belong to a crowd of youngsters in the first year of college. And, in all probability, Blender’s Pride is the first whisky you’ve ever drank. Blender’s Pride is representative of millennial constrained by funds, therefore, unable to get their hands onto finer liquids. It is no wonder that the tale of Blender’s Pride, a popular Indian whiskey, has a lot to do with the evolving Indian, from a teenager to a working professional. It goes without saying, blender’s Pride is one of the country’s most loved tipple.

Blend it like Blender’s Pride

Launched in the year 1995 by Seagram’s, this brand of Indian whisky is a fusion of imported, malted Scotch, and Indian grain spirits. The final blended Scotch Whisky contains no artificial flavoring. It is best had neat, with sparkling water, or on the rocks. The closest homebred equivalent to Scotch whisky, Blender’s Pride is a meld of finesse and taste.

Rise to Fame

There has been a patchy growth in the Indian whisky business in 2016. After China and Russia, India is considered to be the world’s third largest purchaser of whisky. Let’s admit it, whisky is as loved in India as any other whisky consuming nation across the globe. And, Blender’s Pride is the young millennial’s whisky of choice. It is primarily among the young crowd that Blender’s Pride has found its stronghold. And, ever since it has, there has been no looking back.

Living it up in Style

 When your brand believes in ‘making the world a stylish place’, it does not come as a surprise that it also organises some of biggest fashion events in the country. The Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour is one such endeavour. The event was hosted for the first time in 2016, it brought together technology, music, and fashion into one mega celebration. A contemporary, and definitive expression of good taste and style in India comes in the form of Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour 2016. Priyanka Chopra, a global style icon and international film star, is the brand’s ambassador since the last five years. She personifies the enigma and dynamism which is the quintessence of the brand. The brand has also broken stereotypes by choosing a female diva to represent them in public forums, going beyond the ‘whisky is for men’ trope.

Blender’s Pride Reserve Collection Limited Edition is one of the brand’s luxury edition whisky. Pinstriped packaging reflects the brand’s contemporary outlook, and the design earmarks true craftsmanship, a tribute to the sophistication of the whisky brand itself.

The Rise and Fall

In 2003, Blenders Pride sold 250,000 out of 1.5 million cases in the finest whisky sector. In March 2004, there was a claim by Seagram Manufacturing Ltd. that Blenders Pride had outshined Shaw Wallace's Royal Challenge whisky. This made the brand the largest-selling whisky brand in Andhra Pradesh. However, with an increase in contention among bottling companies, there is a drastic reduction in price, which facilitates switching brands among regular buyers. As a consequence, the market share of this brand is in dire straits. Due to a restricted production of Blenders Pride, the sales increase in other countries is limited. An increase in alcohol beverage companies in India resulted in a overall decrease in the sale of Indian whisky, thereby affecting Blender’s Pride too.

India remains one of the fastest growing whisky consumers of the world despite all the hurdles in its path. And, a majority of India’s whiskey lovers have remained loyal to domestic brands like Blender’s Pride.

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