Top 5 whiskies for all Cocktail Lovers

Best Whiskies for cocktails

Cocktails add a fascinating breath of fresh air to just about any drink, and none more so than the ever versatile whisky that can make all our recreational indulgences just a bit more tempting.

Bartenders across the world have begun to explore and exploit the seemingly endless and untapped potential that whisky offers when it comes to whipping up a mouth-watering cocktail. Whether it’s assuaging the unforgiving summer heat, or for moments of whimsical experimentation, whisky cocktails offer innumerable opportunities for liquid gastronomy.

These are some of the most exquisite and flavourful whiskies, and whiskeys from different parts of the world that the expert mixologists swear by, and we recommend with all our expertise in our shared domain of love for ‘spirit of the Gods’.

1. Jameson Irish Whiskey

There aren’t many like Jameson whiskey when it comes to elevating a cocktail to astonishing levels. Smooth as can be, this triple distilled Irish wonder is renowned all over the world for its ability to blend marvellously with just about any ingredient it is mixed with.

Jameson irish whiskey

Whether it’s an Irish Lemonade you wish to sip on, or perhaps the even more richly flavoured Irish Coffee Flip, or perhaps the more conventional Old Fashioned, it takes a wee bit of Jameson to make a magical whiskey cocktail.

2. Ballantine’s Finest

The mere mention of this has already inspired a seasoned Scotch lover to roll up his sleeves and walk towards you with murderous intent, but simply hear us out for a moment. It is true that mixing a Scotch whisky into a cocktail is frowned upon, although indulging into this criminal activity could be overlooked from time to time.

Ballantines finest for whisky sour cocktail

Ballantine’s Finest is a breath-taking blended Scotch whisky, and can put an interesting spin onto a cocktail if employed correctly. Cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, the Whisky Sour or the Sazerac work very well with a whisky as excellent as the Ballantine’s Finest.

3. Jim Beam White Label

The world’s highest selling Bourbon does have a plausible explanation for its meteoric sales figures, and the reason for Jim Beam White Label’s popularity is its seamless integration into just about any drink you could think of.

Jim Beam white label for the old fashioned

Bourbon cocktails have immense potential, and bartenders across the world have explored some truly unique applications for Jim Beam White Label. If you are a diehard Bourbon lover, you could swap out the Ballantine’s for a Bourbon based Old Fashioned, or just about any whisky cocktail.

4. Royal Stag Deluxe Whisky

Not many Indian whiskies get mentioned when speaking of whisky cocktails, but the one that truly deserves a mention above everyone else is Royal Stag, one of the Indian whisky industry’s game changers.

Royal stag deluxe whisky for mint julep cocktail

A smooth, potent and flavourful blended Indian whisky created with imported Scotch malts, and fine grain spirits, Royal Stag has a lot of untapped potential as a phenomenal base spirit for cocktails. Try the Mint Julep, the Manhattan or swap out the Irish whiskey from the Irish Lemonade and use Royal Stag to make your own whisky cocktail and enjoy!

5. Bulleit Rye Whiskey

Rye whiskeys work wonderfully with cocktails and are the spirit of choice for a lot of bartenders throughout the world. Bulleit are one of the world’s most renowned makers of Rye whiskey and encourage the use of their Rye whiskey to be used for cocktails with an entire page of recipes and suggestions for cocktail lovers.

Bulleit rye whisky for cocktails

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Rye whiskeys are known to have more depth of fruity and spicy flavour as compared to Bourbon whiskeys that tend to have a hint of sweetness since they are corn-based. You can check out these tantalizing Rye whiskey cocktails such as the Bourbon Lemonade, Ryes Up, or the Bulleit Rye Smash.