Top Monkey 47 Cocktails To Try

Desi cocktails to cool down the summer heat

The German Black forest original Monkey 47 is a gin that pushes the boundaries. A bit radical and modern in the flavour section, this one tends to lay a lower emphasis on the must-have ingredient Juniper, which sets it apart. What we mean by this is that while Juniper is present, it is not a dominant force. There are other complexities and 47 other botanicals, no less, that are played around with, mixed, matched, off-set against each other to create a flavour that is not only complementary but also balanced.

The complex nature of this gin stands out and naturally so. When you put together 47 flavours and find a way to make them work with each other, complexity is a natural outcome. For this very reason, several people believe that the Monkey 47 should be enjoyed as is, for its individuality and to appreciate and experience the flavours thoroughly. Of course, that is something we stand by, but we also know that this gin works very well in some great cocktails.

Here is a list to pick from:

Monkey Martini: The Monkey Martini is a famous cocktail made with Monkey 47. Those who know their gin know that the 47 is a bit of an outlier. In this case, too, the martini gets a twist purely because of the presence of the 47. The bitter and citrusy elements of the gin are heavier and more dominant than the Vermouth in this case. To create, all you need to do is mix two and a half ounces of Monkey 47 and half an ounce of dry Vermouth in a mixing glass that contains ice. The mixture needs to be super chilled, and once you stir it for 45 seconds to a minute, your cocktail is ready to be poured in a martini glass and sipped. Garnish with lemon and a premium quality olive.

Gimlet: Two words- simple and refreshing. The gimlet that you can make with the Monkey 47 gin is easy peasy stuff but tastes delicious. With a prep time of seven minutes max, this cocktail is something that you can throw together in an instant. Three ingredients, Monkey 47 gin, fresh lime juice and syrup, is all you need. Throw these together into a shaker that is filled with ice, shake, mix and pour. Garnish with a lime wheel, and you are good to go.

Bee’s Knees: This Monkey 47 wonder is the stuff fantastic cocktails are made of. Invented in the 1920s, this gin cocktail made with Monkey 47 gin has a sweet-tart sort of flavour with a sugary blend. Honey is what balances the flavour of the gin in this one and with the 47 botanicals that are already present in the Monkey 47, what you get is a burst of taste and a killer combination of flavours. To make, mix about 40ml of the gin with 30ml runny honey and about 25ml lemon juice. Mix in an ice-filled cocktail shaker and let loose for about 40 seconds. Pour out and start drinking this heavenly drink.

Gin Daisy: Another quick, easy, but a rather yummy concoction from the Monkey 47 cocktail family. Ingredients required to make this flavourful cocktail are - 45 ml gin, Chartreuse juice, lemon and lime juice, syrup and soda. All quantities are 1/3rd oz. Throw together in an iced cocktail shaker, mix, shake, pour and enjoy!

The Monkey 47 is the perfect spirit for various great summer cocktails. Go ahead and pick the one you fancy the most, or better still, give each one a chance and then decide.