Top Canadian Whiskies, Ranked

Top Canadian whiskies, ranked

Canadian distillers are making some very good whiskies. Ranging from 100% rye expressions to affordable blended whiskies, Canadian whiskies are finally coming of age in the world of liquor. The defining characteristics of Canadian whisky include aging for at least three years in Canada from a mash bill recipe of grains and at least 40% ABV. Apart from that, distillers can experiment with different barrel types and recipes, and are even allowed to add 9.09% of another spirit to the whisky. Today, we are reviewing five different expressions from Canada.

Forty Creek Confederation Oak Whisky

An excellent expression from Grimsby, the Forty Creek Confederation Oak commemorates Canada’s 1867 Confederation. It’s a blended whisky, finished for up to two years in fresh Canadian Oak barrels. Due to the tighter grain of native oak, the whisky comes out with notes of praline, honey and dark fruits. Forty Creek Confederation Oak is the best overall Canadian whisky on our list.

Canadian Club 100% Rye Whisky

This Canadian club 100% rye expression from the well-known brand Canadian Club is extremely popular in North America. While the expression has signature qualities of rye whiskies, along with caramel and oaky notes, it’s certainly not the most intense rye whisky experience you can get. However, Alberta Distillers offer the expression at a compelling price point, making it our budget Canadian whisky of choice as well.

JP Wiser’s 18-Year-Old Blended Whisky

If there’s one complaint you hear often about Canada, it’s the cold. JP Wiser’s 18-Year-Old Blended whisky is our pick for a slow sipper to ward off the biting cold weather. The whisky offers complex flavors emanating from the bourbon barrels used for aging and comes out with an earthy, smoky aroma with hints of rye. Aged for a minimum of 18 years, the expression has enough punch to keep you warm and woozy.

Lock, Stock & Barrel 16 Year Rye Whisky

Every once in a while, we are tempted to try an ultra-premium expression. Priced above $150 in North America, Lock, Stock & Barrel 16-Year Rye is our Canadian whisky of choice for the best spurge. This 100% rye whisky offers a deeply spicy punch tempered by caramel, cocoa and dried fruits. Aged in American oak casks, the whisky is best sipped neat or as a premium cocktail.

Shelter Point Artisanal Single Malt

Finally, the best single malt whisky from Canada – Shelter Point Artisanal Single Malt – comes from a smaller craft producer in Vancouver. The expression is distilled in copper pot stills from 100% malted barley and aged a minimum of three years in American oak casks. Single malt lovers will appreciate the notes of tropical fruit, vanilla and spice offered by this Canadian single malt whisky.

Do note that, most, if not all, of these expressions, may not be available in India. So, the avid whisky lovers among you will have to cross the Atlantic for a taste.

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