Top Bars to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is compared to New York rather frequently. Both are uncannily identical in many ways. The financial capitals of their respective nations, Mumbai and New York, have managed to reserve their charisma that drives scores of civilians from across corners. Perhaps, the breath of fresh air still prevails amidst a myriad transactions and interactions bustling around. Also, both metros are always on the look-out for an extra source of income, due to the incredibly high price tags attached to almost everything.

Mumbai has also earned its reputation of being ‘the city that never sleeps’! These words accurately demonstrate the spirit that keeps the city alive even after catastrophes, such as the tormenting floods of 2015, 26/11 massacre, and the ferociously incessant downpours which interrupt city life every now and then.

The charm of Mumbai, which is abundantly spoken about, is not entirely about the serenity of the Marine Drive, but the energy that the city rightfully boasts of. The frenzy is an appeal in itself. Not to forget, Mumbai is home to one of the biggest movie industries, Bollywood, and hence, the melting pot of dreams.

Yes! People work to the degree that can be perhaps described as ‘crazy’! Yet, the fun quotient never dips. The beach that is flurrying with activities at 3 am, the fleet of vehicles on roads with occasional honks during odd hours, explains the warmth and energy that have been defining Mumbai for a while now. The number of pubs and fine diners have amplified over the years and is clearly an expression of the city’s incessant urge to not let go off the glee. It also indicates people’s appetite towards work, which in turn, equips them with a certain level of affordability.

Below is a list of top pubs in Mumbai that serve the best cocktails. If you are in Mumbai and whisky is your drink, you cannot miss these.

Aer Bar, Four Season’s Hotel, Worli, Mumbai

A mix of implausible sophistication and romanticism, AER bar in Mumbai is popular for being the perfect sunset watching point. A gentle breeze on your face while sipping the Upside-down Manhattan is the perfect relaxation that you can think of in lieu of a hectic week. Sitting on the rooftop of Four Season’s Hotel, Aer had long enjoyed the title of being the highest point to get high in Mumbai. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, AER is located on the 34th floor! Wait! This is not the most enticing part but the cocktails that are available at half price during sun set.

Kala Ghoda Bar, Fort, Mumbai

Located at the Kala Ghoda arts precinct, Kala Ghoda bar in Mumbai is frequented by whisky lovers for the innovative cocktails served amidst the unconventional décor comprising items sold on the streets of Mumbai. Ranging from water kettles, kitchen equipment to badminton rackets, the interior consists of a sophisticated display of the most common components of our daily chores. If you are visiting, the Pummel cocktail, a rare infusion of whisky and coconut water – cannot be given a miss.

The Sahib Room and Kipling Bar, The St. Regis, Mumbai

Consisting of tastefully selected artistic objects – gramophone, hat, and pipe, that place reminds of the colonial rule. What is more fascinating at this Mumbai bar is, a corner is reserved for ‘Kipling Sahib’, and the cocktails bear his references too. Some have his name included, others include his preference. A fantastic blend of design, innovation, and architecture, it is a must-visit place for both the prolific cocktails and the décor. If the description has triggered your curious mind, do try the ‘Mowgli’ cocktail when visiting. Once again, reminding you of Kipling’s unforgettable ‘Jungle Book’, the exotic cocktail is bound to give you a historic high. At least the unique combination of whisky, apple, spiced tea, suggests so.

Skyy Bar, Ramada, Powai, Mumbai

When outlandish cocktails and nature’s ingredients come together – you are at Skyy Bar, Mumbai. The place has its appeal for various reasons, the ‘seating’ being one! It is set amidst enchantingly tranquil pools and plants arranged in a symmetry. In fact, visitors have reviewed it to be resembling gardens of the Mughal era when viewed from atop. The place is captivating for its décor indeed, but also pulls pure sports fans for the wide-screen TV placed at a point high enough to be visible to everyone. Among its sophisticated cocktails, Rock ‘n’ Roll sunset is worth mentioning. The smooth amalgamation of eccentric components - cherry syrup, ginger Ale, with Bourbon whisky explains the popularity of the drink.