Tips for Serving Whisky on The Rocks

One of the simplest ingredients to use with whisky is whisky itself. Having drinks on the rocks is the best way to enjoy some whiskies. Learning how to serve whisky on the rocks is a valuable skill for every budding whisky connoisseur and aspiring bartender.

“On the rocks” means serving an alcoholic beverage in a cocktail glass with ice. Here are some tips for serving whisky on the rocks:

Don’t let whisky sit

When serving a drink neat, ensure that it doesn’t sit in the glass for too long. The longer it stays on the table, the more diluted it becomes as the ice cubes melt. So, make sure that the drink is savored quickly after preparation.

Choose the right spirit

A lot of whiskies taste amazing when served on the rocks. However, some whiskies taste better when mixed or diluted with other substances. Ensure that you choose your spirits well when prepping an “on the rocks” drink.

Use the right type of ice

There are different types of ice used in preparing drinks and cocktails. Usually, bars offer cocktail ice for a mixed or on the rocks drink. Certain bars also offer dry ice or whisky stones that are nothing but reusable synthetic cubes chilled in a freezer. At home, people generally use regular ice cubes, which are prone to rapid melting. According to the setting you are in, pick the type of ice to go with your drink.

Serve in proper glassware

Drinking glasses also play an essential role in the overall experience. For serving whisky on the rocks, the preferred glassware is a rocks glass. Also known as the Old-Fashioned glass, lowball or whisky tumbler, the versatile glass has a wide brim that allows you to add ice cubes or whisky stones easily.

So, pick up your favorite bottle of liquid sunshine, a handful of ice cubes and get ready for an eventful evening. For more whisky trivia and facts, follow The Whiskypedia on social handles and keep following our blog posts.