This holiday, play to the tunes of 100 Pipers

India is a huge fan of whiskies and there is nothing more relaxing than a dram of fine scotch after a long working day. Usually, Indian whisky lovers have an affinity for a glass with soda and a plate of chicken tikka. But things are changing as more spirit lovers move towards suave blends and fancy food pairings after the excitement of their first few encounters with the amber liquid.

Seagram's 100 Pipers scotch whisky is an excellent option for this transformation. The name of this premium whisky originates from the Scottish tradition of bagpipers leading soldiers to the battlefield. 100 Pipers is a reference to the famous Scottish ballad ‘The Hundred Pipers’ that depicts the tale of Bonnie Prince Charlie's heroics in the Jacobite uprising of 1745. It is said that his troops were led by a hundred bagpipers.

Today, 100 Pipers is a leading whisky brand in India and several countries around the world, including Australia, Spain, Thailand, and Venezuela. And since the winter holidays are just around the corner, we are presenting you with some spirit tuning ideas.

Enjoying the Aromatic Goodness of 100 Pipers

Whiskies are as much defined by their aroma as their taste. 100 Pipers whisky is a full and fruity blend, topped with delicate notes of vanilla and honey. The aromatic sweetness of this drink comes from its woody and fruity flavor and a slight hint of peat fragrance.

The full-bodied sweet and mellow taste well-balanced with notes of soft smokiness make 100 Pipers a gem in the any bar collection, especially when you are hosting a Christmas or New Year’s party. 100 Pipers can be enjoyed on the rocks, or mixed with complementing beverages like soft drinks, ginger ale, or soda.

For a more alluring experience, spirit lovers can also look up the 100 Pipers 12 Years Old, a blend aged for goodness and harmony in Oak casks.

Things to do and Foods to Pair

Enjoy the Christmas holidays at home with snifters of 100 Pipers whisky or ring in the New Year with an Orange Cinnamon Whisky Smash cocktail. Add orange juice, a cinnamon stick and some soda to the mix and shake it up for an orange zest.

Hosting a party?

Impress your boss and colleagues.

A drink with the boss can be a high-pressure situation. It can either go perfectly right or spectacularly wrong. But with 100 Pipers on the table, you will end up impressing everybody. Its elegant and seasoned taste, crafted by blending some of the finest whiskies from Scotland, can tune up any situation.

Foods that pair well with 100 Pipers

Foods that pair well with 100 Pipers
  • Mildly marinated fish and chicken tikkas, paneer starters, and gravy-based fish dishes
  • Plain dark chocolate and salted hazelnut chocolate
  • Aged cheese (with 12 Years Old)

Best Mixers with 100 Pipers

Best Mixers with 100 Pipers
  • Ginger ale: Use ginger ale to enhance the honey and floral notes of the whisky
  • Apple cider: Sparkling or flat apple cider is a wonderful combination for 100 Pipers whisky Sparkling or flat apple cider is a wonderful combination for 100 Pipers whisky
  • Drambuie: Do not wish to dilute the taste of the whisky, simply stir some Drambuie, which is a scotch-based liqueur with honey and herbs to enhance the flavor of your drinks

Not just the holidays, enjoy any occasion with 100 Pipers

You know what they say about Scottish whiskies?

When you drink a good whisky, you hear a piper play. With 100 Pipers the music increases with every sip. Loved by spirit lovers who prefer a mellow and full-bodied scotch, the delicious whisky adds elegance and class to any occasion. So, grab a bottle and a snifter this holiday season and play to the tunes of 100 Pipers.

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