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Whisky distilleries are located in several parts of the world. While most distilleries are easy to access with tourist parking as well, there are a handful of these distilleries, which take a step off the traditional tourist-friendly zone. offering unparalleled tasting, memorable journeys, and rare craft spirits, these remote distilleries are isolated from the daily chores of the city. Therefore, if you’re looking to taste an exceptional quality of the whisky, make sure you visit these remote distilleries at least once in your life: 

Reyka Distillery in Borgarnes, Iceland

Located in a very small coastal town in Borgarnes, the Reyka distillery in Iceland is one of the few must-see distilleries for visitors. The company uses the raw untreated water available in the town to distill the vodka inside a copper still, which is only one of a kind and still used to distill vodka. Moreover, the filtration process in this distillery takes place using lava rocks and the entire place is powered by volcanic heat. 

Shillingford Estates in Macoucherie Dominica

If you ever travel to the Caribbean Island of Dominica and wish to visit a distillery, no bus driver will know where “Shillingford Estates” is, but instead, if you ask for “The Sugar Factory”, you’ll be pointed right in the direction of the distillery. 

This distillery in Macoucherie has been producing Rhum Agricole for a long time and utilizes a great pair of modern and old-school methods like a water-powered sugar mill. This kind of Rhum can only be found in Dominica. 

Shetland Reel Distillery, Unst, Scotland

When talking about Scotland, the only thing that comes to mind is the flavorful scotch. However, at the northernmost part where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Northern Sea, there lies an isle known as Unst. The isle features a small Shetland Reel distillery that produces ocean-inspired gin.

Their main ingredients only include native botanicals of the island such as bladderwrack seaweed and apple mint. It requires two ferries to reach the isle of Unst from the Shetland Mainland, but it's surely worth the experience. 

Yoichi Distillery, Hokkaido, Japan

Often termed as the northernmost distillery in Japan, the Nikki Whisky’s Yoichi distillery has a unique red-roofed and grey-walled appearance, which usually stays covered in snow for the majority of the year. It is located on Hokkaido Island, which is known for its natural hot springs. 

Outside of Scotland, the distillery offers one of the most prominent qualities of single malt whisky. Therefore, if you ever wish to travel to this iconic tourist destination, make sure you also visit the refinery located there. 

Final Words

The remote distilleries listed above produce some of the most exceptional spirits with a great quality that’ll make you savor every drop of it. Whenever you visit these places, make sure to visit these remote whisky distilleries as well and enjoy the heavenly taste available there.