The Ultimate Whisky Lovers Playlist

The Ultimate Whisky Lovers Playlist

You know what they say, there's a song for every moment and a melody for each mood. So, what's the right music when you are in a drinking mood?

As you know, drinking is more enjoyable when there's music in the background. Even studies point towards a relationship between the two, perhaps because both evoke emotion. However, pairing music with drinks is a subtle art, especially when the drink in question is a whisky. Just like music, whiskies have different notes – soft, aggressive, bombastic, soothing and even soulful. So, their pairing too requires patience and perception. Musical genres that match the characteristics of your whisky are often considered a good pairing.

In today's post, we explore the relationship between music and whisky.

Pairing whisky and music

Pairing whisky and music

Although pairing music and whisky is not easy, it's not that difficult as well. You must approach the two with their subtilities in mind since there are not as many whiskies as there are musical genres in the world. Here are some broad strokes for reference:

Deep toned, rich flavored, heavy palates whiskies can be paired with the blues or soul music

A deep and mournful whisky can be paired with music with the same tunes

A bottle from a silent distillery works well with music from the past ears or with an artist who may have unfortunately passed away

You can do country-based pairings like pair a Scotland whisky with bagpipes and drums

Some examples to get the ball rolling

  • Enjoy a glass of Jameson Black Barrel bourbon with Chicago blues or slow drawl of the southern roots blues
  • Pair a dram of 100 Pipers with traditional Scottish music with instruments giving more contemporary sounds
  • The woody aromatic-fruity with some peaty touch of the Blenders Pride Rare Premium whisky pairs well with music that revolves around drums and guitars

Some popular soundtracks to enjoy your favourite whisky

enjoy your favourite whisky
  • Drapht the Money perfectly pairs with an Irish whisky that can be blended into several cocktails
  • Mr Blue by Catherin Feeny with sprightly piano and easy mandolin or ukulele is an excellent song to enjoy with a light, breezy whisky like the Passport Scotch
  • City of Light by Hilltop Hoods can be enjoyed with anything and everything after a long and tiring day at work
  • Black Sands by Bonobo with closed blinds and locked doors with a glass of the world's first luxury whisky Chivas Regal is a perfect way to enjoy the luxury dram
  • Stars by Nina Simone a slow flaring musical track with ambition pairs excellently with limited-edition whisky

Now that we know that whisky and music can form some incredible pairings, it's time for you to create your mixtapes and mixes. In the end, what matters is that you enjoy both the music and the whisky. So, crack up your favorite tunes and let the music play!

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