The perfect whiskies for the winds of winter

Ah! Winters, Aye Whisky!

Winters have set in, and the weather is just awesome. Biting cold in some locations and chilly in others, it is time to pull out your winter clothing, dress up and sit in front of an open fire warming your hands, and take a sip of your favorite whisky over some gentle and soothing conversations till dinner is served. The brave and adventurous can even take a walk as the mist envelops you, and yet you are warm from inside, as the Scottish love to say.

Whisky is just the perfect drink to have these winter days as it warms your cockles, lightens up your mood, and though the sun keeps playing hide and seek, you won’t mind it at all.

Did you know that whisky is distilled from grain mash, is heartier, warmer, and spicier! In winters, the blood circulation in your body is far lesser compared to other seasons and constricts your nerves too. A glass of whisky improves the blood circulation and opens up the nerves ensuring the body is kept warm and the mood mellow. Whisky is a drink that keeps your hair healthy, has proven anti-aging properties, and is good for the skin too, all thanks to the antioxidants.

Whisky Gifting

Having premium whiskey such as Jameson is a better option for your health too. This has a soothing effect as it trickles down your throat and fires up your body from inside. You would feel the heat seeping out of your pores.

After Christmas celebrations and as the New Year fast approaches, the book of resolutions is taken out from the closet. While reading through all the resolutions made in the past, you realize not every one of them has been fulfilled. With a new resolve this year (as you grow older, the resolve is even firmer), you take out your ink tipped pen and write with a firm hand and a clear mind the coming new year will not be just a fading memory in your book. This firm resolve in your mind could perhaps be attributed to the glass of Chivas Regal sitting on your side table.

Whisky Gifting

You can also pair a good premium Whisky with food to match, and once again, it can be had over a healthy snack or a three-course meal. The choice is yours. Winters are when the food is heavier, rich, and spicy too. With grilled steak and potatoes, a good combination would be the Chivas Regal. Dark chocolate also goes well with a few sips of this mature peaty drink.

Indoors or outdoors, whisky is the ideal choice to pour, be it in a glass or your hip flask. While indoors, try out the Glenlivet if you so desire and when it is outdoors, you have the Bowmore to accompany every step of your adventurous life.

Give it a try if you have not tried your hand at whisky. Do drink responsibly as the New Year approaches, and do not forget the book of resolutions lest it catches dust.

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