The Luxury of Having Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky

The Luxury of Having Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky

Think about some of the most popular whisky producers in the world, and Johnnie Walker whisky will top the list. With a long and glorious history of creating this marvellous whisky brand, the owners have impressed and satisfied all segments of whisky lovers, be it the budgeted ones or the luxurious ones.

This spirit is associated with many cultures around the world. From Beijing to Buenos Aires, fine liquor stores line up with their gently tapered bottles. No matter where you find it, it's never a surprise.

Being one of the oldest and best-selling scotch whiskies in the world, the company's enduring success is based on universal appeal: there is a label for every liquor enthusiast. Even Johnnie Walker price in India caters to all segments of whisky lovers. But today, we talk about one of its premium yet most loved blend - Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky.

History of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky

2020 marks 200 years of John Walker, the founder of Johnnie Walker, who first threw open a grocer’s shop in Scotland. He started a journey that drove the brand from the four corners of Scotland to the whole world.

From John Walker’s first inventory, we know that he sold a broad range of items in his shop during early days, including teas, spices, whisky, gin, rum, brandy — all displaying his fascination with flavour.

John observed that many of the whiskies that he sold were often inconsistent. That’s what drove his experiments with flavour. It was in pursuit of smoother, more prosperous and consistent Scotch. After his death, his son Alexander and his grandsons took this ahead. They began blending Grain Whiskies and Single Malts, thus paving the way for the world of modern blended Scotch Whisky.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky has become synonymous with luxury since its launch and is enjoyed by people in over 180 countries.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky Age Statement

Since Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky is blended from several aging casks, unlike the rest of the Johnnie Walker whiskies, it does not feature an age statement on its bottle and label. The age statement for Black Label, for example, is twelve years, while the age statement for Green Label is fifteen years.

But, Johnnie Walker only added the Blue blend to its collection in 1992, so it is still a relatively recent addition. Exactly which casks make up the mixture is unknown, but rumours have it that a 60-year-old whisky is included.

As a result, older whisky casks are used to create this line, as it was initially blended to mimic whiskies from the early 19th century. Blue Label releases are minimal and rare because of the type of scotch used and the serial numbers on the bottles.

Is the Blue Label as good as it claims to be?

Johnnie Walker whisky owners regard Blue Label as the feather in their cap. The feeling of opulence and exclusivity offered by this acclaimed blend makes this Johnnie Walker price in India fall under the premium bracket.

According to the makers, only one in ten thousand casks are found good enough for Blue Label. This selective style of the making of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky is what makes it stand out.

With a mellow and rounded nose, the primary flavours in Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky are barley and toffee. The smooth taste is evident throughout the bottle with the first sip, which leaves a velvety mouthfeel.

Flavour Profile: Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky is a complex blend and is said to have several other unique flavours, including hazelnuts, dark chocolate, rose petals, honey, sherry, oranges and sandalwood. Islay malts, present in a lot of Johnnie Walker whisky blends provide a distinctive smokiness.

With a particular style of making, nose, taste, flavour and finish, of course, Blue Label is what it claims to be: an extraordinary whisky for extraordinary occasions!

Why do connoisseurs love Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

When an exceptional whisky blend is created with Scotland’s rarest and phenomenal whiskies the outcome is guaranteed to be an out of the ordinary drink. Despite being added of late, the recency hasn’t affected the popularity and the vintage feel of Blue Label. The reason behind it could be that it was created using some preliminary blueprints from Alexander Walker’s initial try-outs.

The connoisseurs love this whisky because of its amazing and unique characteristics. Even the high price bracket is not a concern for Blue Label lovers. The premium feel and flawless taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky make its premium price worth it!


Known as Johnnie Walker Blue Label, this blended Scotch whisky is the flagship product of the Johnnie Walker House of Whiskies. This whisky is packaged in individually numbered bottles, which recalls the style of whiskies of the 19th Century.

A seasoned connoisseur will know that Blue Label is undoubtedly the best. When shopping for a grand occasion or party, you don't have to look further than Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a blend that is featured as one of the world's finest whiskies.