The Glenlivet Enigma – A new single malt puzzle from the Speyside brand

Glenlivet Enigma Single Malt Whisky

The Glenlivet Enigma – A new single malt puzzle from the Speyside brand

The Glenlivet Enigma is part of a series of limited edition mystery single malt Scotch whisky released by the Speyside giants. The 2019 release was named The Glenlivet Enigma, and it is the fourth edition of the mystery series.

The mystery series of single malts was first released in 2013, named The Glenlivet Alpha. Ever since, the company has released a part of the series from time to time. The follow up to The Glenlivet Alpha was released in 2016, and was named The Glenlivet Cipher.

The next edition of the mystery series was The Glenlivet Code. It was released in 2018, and has been followed by The Glenlivet Enigma this year. Master Distiller Alan Winchester returns to create this luxury single malt that has successfully brought on a sense of intrigue and suspense to the world of single malt Scotch whisky.

These mystery single malt bottlings have gained fame for having no information disclosed to the buyer, except for the ABV of the whisky. Within a sleek and stylish opaque matte black version of The Glenlivet bottle lies a mysterious single malt, waiting to be acquainted with.

People looking to crack The Glenlivet Enigma can go online, and attempt to unlock the hidden characteristics and information regarding the single malt whisky by solving puzzles.

What else do we know about The Glenlivet Enigma?

  • It is the same Speyside single malt that we have known, although the finer details lay behind the puzzle you must solve.
  • The only information available on the bottle except for the brand name, is the ABV of this exceptional Scotch whisky. While previous releases have had differing ABV levels, The Glenlivet Enigma has a 48% ABV, slightly higher than the 40% ABV limit for usual Scotch whisky brands.

How to play The Glenlivet Enigma puzzle?

You can participate and win a coupon code that grants you discount shipping!

All you need to do to play the challenge is visit the The Glenlivet Enigma homepage here.

Enter your details such as full name, email address, date of birth and zip code.

Proceed to solve the three The Glenlivet Enigma puzzles and unlock the hints regarding the tasting notes of the whisky.