The Tell All Whiskey Film

The Whiskey Film tells the story of distilleries located across the United States. Produced by Traverse Image, a Denver based production company, the film’s teaser was recently released on YouTube. The farm-to-barrel will be crowdfunded through an Indiegogo Campaign, launched on March 15.

Once completed, the documentary will be streamed online. Traverse Image has already produced and released a documentary about the craft beer brewing industry, called Crafting of Nation in 2013 on Netflix.

Thomas Kolicko, the founder of Traverse Image and the film’s director, in a statement, explained, “The Whiskey Film features the new generation of whiskey craftsmen and women and dives deep into the agriculture ties behind the end result.”

The teaser video featured the Colorado Malting Company from Alamaso, the Dearhammer Distilling Company from Buena Vista, and Distillery 291 from Colorado Springs. Traverse Image has been conducting auditions, searching for more distilleries to cover.

According to a post on the production company’s Instagram account, the film is said to be a “visual collective of tales” that will explore whiskey, its distillation, and how the lives of whiskey crafters are influenced by the whiskey distillation process.

A section of the aforementioned post reads, “The key concept is that change occurs over time, not only in the whiskey itself, but also in the lives of those who create it. Like the spirit in the distilling process, whiskey makers change under the pressures of their lives and within the context of their craft.”

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017