Tasting Whisky Lew Bryson

If you are a whisky lover, “Tasting Whisky” by Lew Bryson is a must-read for you. You may be tempted to host a whisky tasting party once you give this comprehensive guide a thorough read. From the origin of traditional whisky to the latest range of unique flavours, the book will give you a spirited experience with knowledge as the final prize. 

The hand behind the pen

Lew Bryson is one of the most popular and accomplished writers on spirits and beer. Having started writing full-time from 1995, Bryson has been a contributor/columnist for a wide range of magazines and digital platforms such as The Daily Beast, The Full Pint, Scotchwhisky.com, and Whisky. Having worked as the former Managing Editor of Whisky Advocate, Bryson has managed to encourage many youngsters to take up writing on spirits as a full-time career.

Michael Jackson Beer Journalism Award in 2008 and Philly’s Best Beer Writer Award in 2012 are some of the awards that Bryson has managed to bag with his writing skills. Having successfully hosted a television show, Bryson has also managed to establish himself as a much sought-after presenter on alcohol.

Everything you need to know about whisky

This unique book will satiate your thirst for knowledge and enhance the same for authentic whisky. From Scotch to Irish to Canadian to Japanese, the book covers all famous traditional whiskies. You will also get a feel of the varying distillation procedures and serving techniques in different parts of the world. Many critics have already started labelling the book as a must-buy guide that no whisky drinker should do without.

Did you know that the taste of a whisky has a lot to do with its ageing technique? ‘Tasting Whisky’ gives you the real picture behind every single glass of authentic whisky. In the context of the book, Charles Cowdery said, “I shouldn't say this is the only whisky book you need, but it probably is."

The books also shows the massive range of spirits that fall under the banner of whisky. Bryson has tried to give the readers a feel of the real taste of every single variety.

How do you drink it?

Bryson has always believed that drinking whisky is an art that doesn’t have enough awareness. He has advised various drinking techniques in his book that people may want to try. Be it with water or ice or as a cocktail, every single variety brings something different to the table. The best way to consume a whisky depends a lot on its origin, age, and preparation style. In his book, Bryson has tried to suggest the best consumption techniques for most popular brands of whisky.

A perfect travel partner

If you travel a lot, this book can become your best pal in no time. With rarely-known information dished out in the most attractive manner, this book will ensure that you never feel lonely and bored again. Much of the information has been explained with detailed infographics that make things more interesting for the readers.

A collection item

This is one book that you will always want to have on your bookshelf. You may also want to use ‘Tasting Whisky’ as a gift item for close friends and family members.

Wrapping it up

'Tasting Whisky’ by Lew Bryson is one book that you cannot afford to miss if you love alcohol. With detailed information presented in the most interesting way, this unique book will take care of your spare time. As a comprehensive guide on traditional whisky, this book will always find a special place in bookshelves of all whisky lovers.