Take a Break on No Dishes Day

Ok, this is for real. On No Dishes Day on May 18, you can choose to give a miss to the mundane task of washing dirty dishes. Grab life by the collar on this day, show it your disapproving face and sternly say, “Today you cannot boss me around. I’ll do just what I please.” If there’s one thing that all of us can relate to, it is the drudgery of housework. On this day give yourself a break, take a moment, sit back and marvel at what life has to offer. The breakup which made you wiser, the tough manager who increased your coping skills, the fleeting friendships which made you realize the importance of being emotionally independent. Or, in the sheer bliss of not having to do the dishes, you could simply celebrate. Get the entire family together and go out for a good meal in a plush restaurant, or order a takeaway and opt for disposable dishes. In case you plan to host a house party, fetch that dishwasher which was lying in your loft unused. At least, eat things which do not require utensils. Whatever you do, just don’t create dirty dishes which make you stay up late and brood.

Deliciousness without cutlery

You may not choose to do the dishes on May 18th. However, the objective is not to keep dishes stacked for the next day, but ensure that the next day too is detergent free. The purpose and fun of No Dishes Day would be lost if after a house party you have glasses and dishes stacked under the sofa, and overflowing crockery in the kitchen. Yet, this should not discourage you from throwing a big party to celebrate No Dishes Day. If you want minimal use of cutlery involved and celebrate the true essence of this day, consider serving hors d’oeuvres. These small dishes are designed to be eaten with your fingers. Thus they are convenient, can be served hot and cold and can be eaten standing up instead of being seated in a formal dining table. With the wide variety of food options, you can cater to a wide variety of dietary preferences. The informal arrangement allows a casual environment for socializing and interesting conversations.

What do you think of these appetizers?

There is nothing better than serving appetizers and whisky at the beginning of a house party. As long as the aperitif is not missing, conversations will continue. You can consider serving seared salmon with a dip which is the ideal starter for a party nibble. Get your thinking caps on and try experimenting with applewood smoked mackerel with cauliflower, slow-braised beef with carrots and asparagus, and marinated wild salmon with crispy cucumber noodles. For the whisky, you could consider serving Bowmore or Macallan. In case the scotch you serve is blended in the Speyside region, it is best to serve chocolates, dry fruits and nuts. Sushi and seafood are good choices too. Some other options you could explore are feta cheese-covered olives, smoked salmon cucumber rolls, ham and cheese roll-ups, salmon and cream cheese quiches or Spanish bruschetta.

Skip the traditional buffet

The advantage of serving these dishes is that you do not require elaborate cutlery. They can be served in a single dish and passed on trays. It adds certain elegance to the event and enables the guests to continue conversations without making a trip to the serving table in frequent intervals. If you are serving hors d’oeuvres alone, 4 to 6 pieces per person is recommended. In case you have plans of serving dinner, bring down the variety of appetizers you serve before the meal.

To keep the essence of No Dishes Day alive, serve the food in disposable plates and save yourself the ordeal of cleaning dirty dishes. You can enjoy the party without thoughts of cleaning up constantly bothering you. Once the guests leave, you have the liberty of retiring to your room and unwinding with a book or music, making the best use of the time you saved by not engaging in one of the most time-consuming and least loved chores.


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