Summer Whiskies Do They Exist

For the uninitiated, the very mention of enjoying a glass of good whisky in summer is often met with puzzled faces, and a general sense of bewilderment. Not many are aware of the fact, but what if we tell you – summer whiskies do exist, and you’re going to love them!

When one thinks of a hot summer day, the thought that crosses their mind most often is the soothing relief of their favourite cocktail, served chilled and preferably in quick succession. Yet not many understand how they don’t need to abandon whisky as seasons change, but merely have to change the whiskies they’re drinking.

Of course a nice and warming Sherry heavy Aberlour 12 Year Old, or even a Rye whiskey would be ideal companion during Christmas, but what about March? Must you be forced to leave your penchant for whisky behind, or effortlessly adapt with these light, and refreshing summer whiskies? Whip up a quick cocktail, or enjoy them over ice and revel in the goodness of The Whiskypedia’s top five summer whiskies and beat the heat in style.

Jameson Blended Irish whiskey

By all accounts, Jameson is clearly the king of summer whiskeys and we really would like to get the obvious stuff out of the way first. Ask any mixologist you know, and what they will tell you for sure is that nothing works better for a whiskey cocktail as well as Jameson does.

Jameson Whiskey

But that is not even the best part about why Jameson is the perfect summer whiskey. This triple-distilled Irish blend is well-known for its light, smooth and refreshing character worldwide. Jameson’s light floral fragrance, and light, nutty and spicy flavours are delightful even when taken neat. To be honest, the only reason Jameson is the world’s bestselling Irish whiskey is because no matter how you like your whiskey, you will like Jameson. Mix it into a quick pitcher of Irish Lemonade, or pour a few fingers of Jameson over ice to beat the summer heat in style!

Ballantine’s 17 Year Old Blended Scotch whisky

This is an extraordinary whisky from Ballantine’s, and one of our strongest recommendations for one of the best whiskies ever made. What places the Ballantine’s 17 Year Old firmly in our list of the best summer whiskies is the absolute goodness of it.

Ballantines 17

Certainly we would like to discourage sullying this absolutely incredible Scotch whisky by mixing it up into a cocktail. The Ballantine’s 17 Year Old has an enticing soft vanilla aroma with a hint of smoke. It is a complex, sweet and creamy whisky with an equally sweet and long finish to round off an intensely pleasant experience. The Ballantine’s 17 is one The Whiskypedia’s top recommendations for a summer whisky so pour yourself a generous dram over ice and savour the goodness.

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch whisky

The quintessential Speyside single malt is one of the obvious choices for our list of summer whiskies frankly because few whiskies deserve it more. The Glenlivet 12 Year Old has long been known as one of the most pleasant single malts around. It is the perfect embodiment of The Glenlivet style with a smooth, well-balanced and fruity flavour profile.

Glenlivet 12

Storming into our list of summer whiskies on the sheer basis of its quality, this is a delicious single malt with juicy pineapple notes that are its most shining attribute. Delicately balanced, light and refreshing with mesmerizing floral aromas, The Glenlivet 12 is an ideal summer whisky. Enjoy it neat with a few drops of spring water, or serve it over ice, and enjoy what is probably going to be your favourite summer memory.

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Single Malt Scotch whisky

When you think of Islay single malts, more often than not, the peaty monsters like Laphraoig and Ardbeg come to mind. Some might even fondly remember their first brush with Bowmore or Bunnahabhain but not many people are aware about Bruichladdich as they should be. What is so special about Bruichladdich? It is a unique unpeated single malt Scotch from the Isle of Islay!


Bruichladdich’s The Classic Laddie is one of their best new releases in recent years. Its delicious fruity and floral character, combined with an amazingly creamy mouth-feel will leave you wanting for more. There is just a whisper of sea salt, conditioned by the salty sea air on Islay. Overall, The Classic Laddie is a delightful summer whisky that you must try.

The Chita Distiller’s Reserve Single Grain Japanese Whisky

One of the best whiskies to come out of Japan in recent years, the Chita is the hallmark of just how good Japanese whiskies are! Not many single grain whiskies are released these days when most grain whiskies are only used to create blends. Suntory display their excellence with The Chita, a grain whisky matured in a combination of barrels.

The Chita Suntory

It is crisp, light and full of juicy tropical fruit flavours presented marvellously. The triple maturation in Sherry, Wine and Bourbon casks has imparted a wonderful influence on the whisky. The Chita is smooth, unbelievably tasty and with a silky texture that makes it an ideal choice for the final inclusion in our list of the best summer whiskies you should try at least once.