Whiskies with higher alcohol content

Whiskies with Higher Alcohol Content

When the conversation is pivoted around talks of fine whisky, the usual points of discussion occur around tasting notes, aroma, nose, single or blended malts and so on. Although for some whisky loving daredevils, the one distinctive factor in addition to all those mentioned above, is a whisky that is much more potent than the others.

It’s a whisky that delivers something not many can, a whisky that hasn’t been watered down to meet the industrial standard of ABV – alcohol by volume rate, and carries a punch like the ones thrown in the ring.

The agreed upon and dictated for standard of whisky alcohol percentage stands at 40% ABV, or 80 US Proof, but some master blenders have done their best to deliver the strongest whisky possible while preserving its delightful tasting notes, aroma and overall quality.

True, there isn’t much demand for high alcohol drinks, nevertheless, halting the pursuit of a beau sabreur in their pursuit of a whisky with the highest alcohol content is not a wise move.

However, learning about whiskies is an ongoing process, as there are many different types to choose from. You'll also find that everyone has their standards on what makes the best whisky. A way to get a great buzz is by knocking back a few high alcohol content whiskies. You know that whisky tastes better than any other drink and gives you a more intense and lasting buzz than anything else — but do you know what whiskies give you the most bang for your buck in terms of alcohol content?

If your whisky desires are unconventional, and your ability to hold your alcohol is as mythical as the Vikings themselves, these high alcohol whisky brands are the ones you should be looking for!


Royal Crown Black

Possibly the highest whisky alcohol content among others, this Scottish elixir is created using Victorian equipment which includes a 7-tonne ‘mashtun’ and a process that involves no computers or technology at all. The Bruichladdich distillery not only produces one of the strongest liquor brands on the planet but is also under constant surveillance by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency from the United States because their peculiar and antique distilling equipment resembles something that could be used to develop chemical weapons.

2. Old Grand Dad 114 Proof

Royal Crown Black

Produced at the Jim Beam plant in Kentucky, the Old Grand Dad 114 Proof is the strongest, barrel proof expressions from the Old Grand Dad line of brand, named after the creator’s grandfather, Basil Hayden Sr. Since the availability of such old-school bourbon whisky, the brand name and the product are the banner men of a segment that defies whisky alcohol content standards with this fruity, full bodied spirit. With an ABV strength of 57%, it is one of the highest alcohol percentage whisky bottles available in the market.

3. Stagg Jr. Barrel Proof

Royal Crown Black

This barrel proof straight bourbon is neither contained by the whisky alcohol content standards, nor is tempted by the promise of mass-market appeal and the profits generated by it. Stagg Jr. Barrel Proof is one of the strongest whisky brands in the market and is extremely rare to find outside the United States of America. With an ABV strength of 67.5%, or 135 US Proof, this uncut barrel proof bourbon is aged for nearly a decade before being dispatched to people seeking the strongest alcohol they can find.

4. Aberlour A’bunadh

Royal Crown Black

It could be tough to believe that one of the strongest and highest alcohol content whiskies come from the Speyside but the Aberlour A’bunadh dispels this misconception marvelously. This butch blend of 5 to 25-year-old whiskies is released in small batches and carries a softer, sweeter flavor despite its nearly 60% ABV strength. Each batch of Aberlour’s A’bunadh carries a slightly fluctuating ABV number usually ranging between 59% to 60% since its first batch was released in 1997.

5. Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon

Royal Crown Black

This eponymous cask strength bourbon has been named after Booker Noe, a master blender from the Jim Beam family. It is released in small batches a few times every year since 1987 when Booker Noe released his first batch of uncut, straight-from-the-barrel bourbon that carries a whisky alcohol percentage between 60.5% to 65% ABV (121 and 130 US Proof). Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon is a bourbon with one of the strongest alcohol proofs to be sold in the market.

6. Crown Royal

Royal Crown Black

Canadian whiskey does not regularly feature in lists of beverages with a whisky alcohol content that exceeds the industry standard but the Crown Royal Black is definitely not one of them. Introduced in 2010, crown royal whisky comes at a 90 US Proof and is slightly darker in color. Aged in charred oak barrels, it delivers creamy, fruity notes, this whiskey is a great variation of the well-known Crown Royal Canadian whiskey.  When first released, Crown Royal American blended whisky came at 90 US Proof. This spirit is produced by Diageo and is a part of the Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey lineup.

7. Port Charlotte MRC 01 Heavily Peated

Royal Crown Black

This exemplary creation is achieved through a distillation of 100% malted barley matured first in American bourbon casks, and then in French wine casks. The end result is a heavily peated scotch whisky as the name suggests, with a whisky alcohol percentage of 59.2% making it a worthy acquaintance of another Isle of Islay classic cask strength scotch, the Bruichladdich. The Port Charlotte MRC 01 Heavily Peated is always released in limited numbers and is a very exclusive cask strength scotch to find.


The higher the percentage of alcohol in a Whisky, the more intense it will be. This is because as the alcohol content increases, so does its flavor and body. In our guide to high-proof Whiskies, we’ve included a few different brands that you can try if you’re looking for a strong drink with a lot of character. These are some of the world’s strongest whiskies that have a claim to fame like no other. For the people who actively indulge in tasting whisky as a recreational activity, these beautiful spirits are a must try.

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