The Story of 100 Pipers 12 Years Old

Seagram’s 100 Pipers whisky is a premium blended Scotch whisky, introduced in India in 1995. 100 Pipers is the largest selling scotch in India. Richer in flavour, body and even more refined, each sip will make your heart sing, evoking the music of the legendary hundred pipers. The "100 Pipers" name, in particular, comes from the ballad of "The Hundred Pipers", which tells of the heroic Bonnie Prince Charlie's 1745 Jacobite uprising led by a troop of 100 pipers.

At the heart of this superior blend of handpicked malt and grain whiskies is the sweet vanilla aroma of the Braeval malt whisky, sourced from the remote Livet valley in the Speyside region of Scotland.

100 Pipers 12 Years Old, as the name suggests, is matured in oak casks for a length of twelve full years. By the end of this period, the whisky acquires a deeply complex and well-rounded character. The final product is a sweet, heavy whisky, deep amber in colour, with a heady, fruity aroma which has delicate notes of vanilla and honey. On the palate, the 100 Pipers 12 Years is sweet, full-bodied and creamy, balanced with notes of both soft, smoky peat as well as fruit. This is a followed by a long-drawn, mellow finish which is floral and elegant, with hints of subtle oak and vanilla.

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Talking Whisky: Jim Murray & His Love for the Golden Tipple

In a recent interview with Whisky Exchange, Jim Murray confessed to drinking his first whisky (a dram of Teacher’s) at the age of nine. He remembers how he brought the old fashioned tumbler to his lips, under a little persuasion from his uncle who wanted to see the effects of whisky on a young boy. The deep, robust peat of the scotch hit him on the face. When he finished his dram, he put down his tumbler like Oliver Twist and said, “Can I have some more?”That young boy, born in Merstham, Surrey, UK, grew up to be a newspaper journalist. But years later, he quit his job and left Fleet Street to chase bigger dreams-- to become the world's first whisky writer. After his visit to Talisker, for the first time in 1975, he decided to visit more distilleries across the globe. But before he could begin that journey, he spent time visiting and working in as many distilleries in Scotland and Ireland as he could. He was working on the book, , which was published in 1994. It was the first of many popular whisky books he would go on to write, to establish his place as one of the leading authorities on whisky. Three years later in 1997, the same book was revised and re-released as .

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Iron Smoke Whiskey: The Joy of Less being More

Upstate New York is known for its breath-taking sceneries and a laidback, leisurely pace of life. How, then, can some delightful whiskey be left out of the picture? The region has also been put on the map by one Iron Smoke Distillery, the breeding ground of some fine, smoked bourbon whiskies. Maverick rock star, Tommy Brunnet and mates toyed with the idea of marrying whiskey and the rock culture on a larger scale. What started out as backyard experiments of blending corn whiskey and charred apple chunks soon became a serious business idea.

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