Stay Warm with These Winter Whisky Cocktails

Winter is here. While most of us are in love with winter, it can get a little difficult having to do without a bright sunny morning for days on end. Now is the time to not just revamp your wardrobe, but stock up enough liquor to help you get by. Here’s what you can brew to stay warm this winter:

Boozy Apple Cider

The best part about this cocktail is the way it is served— in apple cups, which you can absolutely gorge on once you have finished your drink. While you have the liberty to choose your whisky, we recommend Chivas Regal Extra, so that it complements the caramel and the cinnamon.

Leftover Pecan Pie Whisky Shake

Say you have a little leftover pecan pie, and while you want to have that, you also want a drink to go with it. We can tell you just what you should be doing. Make the Pecan Pie Bourbon Shake-- with copious amounts of ice cream, milk, and whisky. J.P. Wiser’s would make an excellent choice, and all you have to do is garnish your cocktail with the pie crumbs. It’s refreshing and filling all at the same time.

Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Whisky

Winter without a mug of hot chocolate would be really bleak. Now imagine a hot chocolate spiked with your favorite scotch. The Glenlivet 12 or Ballantine’s whisky, added to your hot chocolate will keep you warm for a good while. You can always garnish it with marshmallows, peppermint and cinnamon. Don’t hesitate to drain your mug in one go.

Chai Honey Old Fashioned

If you are a whisky enthusiast with a keen interest in tea to boot, you can go right ahead and mix them both into one fine concoction. Chai Honey Old Fashioned has been around for a while now and works wonders on a sore throat, or slight headache. Adding 100 Pipers to your chai, which is packed with the goodness of tea, honey, and orange will balance the lightness of the tea with a rich smokiness. Just what you need at four in the evening.

Fireball Hot Toddies

Simple to make, this cocktail can fix you up in case you have caught a bad cold or feeling the blues a little too much. It is a warm cocktail, with caramel and honey to sweeten your mouth, but with the right balance of a robust spicy whisky, preferably an ounce of Fireball.


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